Wacky Boys Night Out DJs get serious about oral care

The famous No Sting OraCare oral mouthrinse featured the Wacky Boys Night Out DJs and here's their story:

Since it began airing four years ago, Boys Night Out (BNO) has become one of the most popular shows on local nighttime FM radio. Its DJs—the threesome of Tony Toni, Slick Rick, and Sam YG—have entertained thousands of listeners with their playful and often naughty banter. They’re a testament to the adage that, indeed, boys will be boys.

Despite their wacky comments and funny, naughty boy antics on-air, however, the BNO dudes get serious about their grooming and hygiene habits. Being sloppy about their appearance and getting careless about their oral hygiene, for example, is neither cool nor funny for Boys Night Out

“Being a radio personality and a media professional puts you in close contact with lots of people. They could be fans. They could be colleagues, friends, or potential clients. It would be very embarrassing and, in a way, even disrespectful, for a media personality to be less than presentable in public.

“As media personalities, we can’t avoid relating to people. It would be a major blunder to be sloppy in our appearance, but it’s even worse if we have poor oral hygiene—that would give a really negative impression when we start talks and conversations with others,” says Slick Rick.

For these beloved jocks, there's no denying the importance of having clean, fresh breath in their line of work.

"For us, our ‘breath’ is our livelihood. It affects how people perceive us," says Tony Toni, who often plays the role of the naughty, racy fellow among the three.

"That's part of the job: you're just going to be talking and talking, and you don’t want your bad breath to slow you down. Plus you never know when you're going to meet a girl you like. It's important because you don't want to leave the impression of having bad breath," says Slick Rick, BNO’s undisputed ‘ladies’ man’.”

"We talk to people everyday. It's our business; it's our job. And in dealing with people, you always want to make sure you leave a good impression," Sam YG, the self-described nerd of the group, explains.

Having strong mouth odor, as far as these 3 are concerned, is a sure recipe for social disaster.

"You could be this hunk, but if you have bad breath that's what people will always remember you for," Slick Rick adds.

"It's a big turn-off for women. No matter how good-looking and handsome you are, if you have strong, unpleasant mouth odor, you can say goodbye to your chances of getting a kiss after a date,” says Tony Toni.

"If you have bad breath, people will say you have low standards of personal hygiene, then it's a domino effect na," he adds.

The same goes for women, according to Sam YG.

"How can you even think of moving on with that person if right from the start you're turned-off by her bad breath? That's minus sexy points," he says.

This makes their oral hygiene regimen of paramount importance to their everyday lives.
 Their oral hygiene regimen

"Right after waking up, I have to brush my teeth to ensure I have fresh breath even though I don't have anyone with me at home. After I eat, I brush again, then floss. Then I take a shower and after that, mouthwash before I leave the house," shares Slick Rick. "I'm kind of praning about keeping my teeth and my mouth clean. " he adds.

"I brush my teeth after every meal, then floss about twice a day. I use mouthwash three times a day," shares Sam YG
 Which is why, among their stock of hygiene products, the boys rank their mouthwash right near the top. Knowing the importance of using a mouthwash, the BNO DJs literally took pains to find the right brand for them.

"When I was younger, the strong and stingy flavor of the mouthwash I used made me almost want to cry. Even now, there are still some mouthwashes like that. It's like, there has to be some pain for it to be effective. Alright, after that your breath is ok, but then you have to deal with pain to some extent," Sam YG says.

"Other brands, however, don't really eliminate the odor, they just mask  it with its strong flavors. Especially when you've eaten something like shawarma that has a lasting effect even after you've brushed your teeth," he adds.

"There are other brands naman that are effective. But it's really the stinging effect na ayaw ko e, it's very strong and it comes to a point na you have to dilute it. Yung iba may bad aftertaste pa. So much so that you can even taste it even when you are already eating. I used to think na kung walang alcohol or wala yung stinging effect, it's not as potent," Tony Toni chimes in.

Then they tried OraCare.

On using OraCare

"At first, I was curious because of the "no sting" claim. I was like, ok, let's see how the product will get the job done without giving me the sting. I wanted to see if it really works that way. It sounded too good to be true," Sam YG recalls. "But since I’ve used  it, I”ve never looked back."

"Since I started using OraCare regularly, I haven’t been as conscious about my breath. I'm more confident when talking to people. You're not shy. Like when you’re in a club and the music is loud, you can bring your face closer to other people’s faces to talk  without feeling worried," says Tony Toni.

"With OraCare I can use it on a daily basis without wondering whether it would hurt my mouth or something, kasi hindi siya matapang. I said to myself, finally, they came up with something that does not give you the sting yet gives you  fresh breath," Sam YG adds.

"It makes you wonder also that if the mouthwash is very harsh, what does that do to my teeth, gums, tongue? If there's much pain, couldn't it have some damaging effect?," Sam YG observes.

And because this trio is Boys Night Out, they won't miss out on the benefits of having nice-smelling breath on the ladies.

"It makes a guy more attractive to women. It says that the guy knows how to take care of himself. And girls like a guy who's well-groomed. Well-groomed, with good hygiene, then with style to match, how can you lose? Those are sure pogi points if a guys know how to take care of his breath," Tony Toni.

"And I notice that more women kiss me when I have fresh breath," he adds.

"When you know that your breath smells good, it gives you confidence, which I think is the most important thing. When you're confident about something, di ba it's easier for you to project yourself well? Because you have nothing to hide and nothing to be shy about, it’s like ‘I'm confident, I can go up and talk to anybody’ and confidence leads to pogi points. If you feel good, people are going to be attracted to you," concludes Sam YG.

Good oral hygiene spells success at work, in romance and any social situation.  As Boys Night Out found out, OraCare is clearly the smarter choice for fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums. OraCare Mouthrinse (in Regular and Cool flavors) and OraCare Toothpaste are available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.