Let us all help bring back Estero De Paco

The picture looks clear. I've always taught how the word Tagalog came from Rizal's coining Filipinos who live in rivers, hence, "Taga-ilog" and when the rivers disappeared and became esteros, it should have caught the attention of all. Unfortunately, with the migrants from different provinces who dream of a better life and a greener pasture in the heart of Metro Manila started building shanties and throwing garbages. esteros slowly disappeared. This is what happened to Estero de Paco like all the other esteros in the country.
From what used to be a historical place became a haven of urban settlers endangering the lives of many children. This is truly a sad fact the Filipino should consider. It used to be a bustling hub of commerce and culture since it was built in 1911 until people began throwing their trash and eventually clogging this significant waterway that prevents floods all over the metro. This is the Estero de Paco which flows directly into Pasig River, the significant 27-kilometer body of water that flowed through Metro Manila and connected Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay. Soon, it became one of the worst sources of pollution that contributed to the poisoned Pasig River.
With the media's effort to save Pasig River under the initiative of Ms. Gina Lopez from the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC), the agency under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the communities and other concerned organization and individuals started taking tasks to clean and rehabilitate the Pasig River.
Ten months passed, after relocations of more than 1,350 families to Calauan, Laguna and volunteers helping the clean-up of the Estero de Paco. These RIVER WARRIORS, who are volunteers donating their time and effort to clean the river also became the watchdogs to help avoid abuse of the said estero again. They've constantly monitored the area and alerted officials of the barangays to help disseminate the valuable information about what every Filipino can benefit from helping to save the river and the esteros.

According to these articles, Olivares-Co, Gina Lopez and Kevin Harris of Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig started raising funds through varied efforts like marathon and other campaigns in different forms of media nationwide to help the said program. They are planning to provide more opportunities and employment to residents by creating a new structure to soon be called the PACO MARKET. The said market will be a 3,000 square meter will make use of recycled materials and will use less water and less power to follow the eco-friendly design and structure. 
I truly applaud the efforts and we can all participate by joining future efforts of these organizations or simply spreading the word forward to our children, family and friends. I would like to believe in the Filipino and I would like to believe the Filipino will eventually learn to love being a Filipino so we should start sharing these information. Simply share this or the linked posts here to help spread the word because you want to love the Filipino. I'm constantly in fervor efforts to pay it forward because nature should really need our nurture.