Event: Rai Rai Ken's freshly-made ramen is at 50% off!

It's a different dining experience when you know how your food was prepared before even savoring the taste. For the busy bees, eating in any restaurant nearby is the most convenient but the picky ones will examine every little detail of the place and the choices of food before indulging. I've just attended the first blogging event of Rai Rai Ken Restaurant in Finlandia St. Makati City last Feb.11, 2011 and it totally changed my perspective of the food the the restaurant. 
Before the presentation, we were treated to an appetizer of Gyoza (P110/8pcs) - Japanese dumplings , Sushi Special (P355) and Sashimi Special (P365).
Then came the presentation of Mr. Joey D. Garcia, COO of Rai Rai Ken and the story of how the restaurant started and grew.
Rai Rai Ken's history started from the popularity of Japanese food in the Philippines and the inspiration moved his father to learn the skills of making the best ramen in Japan to share to all Pinoys. It used to be a simple carinderia of Chef Benjie's "Master Chow" in Makati that grew into now we known as Rai Rai Ken. The distinct and painstaking preparation from kneading the noodles to perfecting the broth amidst the growing competition among Japanese restaurants moved and inspired me to admire the passion of this family to the food business. Some restaurants would just get a sub-contractor to supply their materials but this restaurant really make their own - everyday. I must say I was really impressed. 
So, when I started sipping on the my first Seafoods Hotpot Ramen (P165) after three years, the experience was totally different.  I've started appreciating the mixture of seafoods with their distinct and signature broth explained in the presentation. For reasons I cannot explain, the taste of the Seafoods Hotpot Ramen noodles was more flavorful from what I've had in their Cubao branch three years ago. It may have been that I've ignored the fact that the restaurant created this dish long time ago with their original recipe and I've just concentrated on filling my hungry stomach before. 
I also had a taste of others' ramen like Kat's Garlic Chili (P175), and Jeff Siy's and Melody's Beef Yakiniku (P180). They're all delicious and really great to share with friends. 
The perfect ending was the presentation of their delicious panna cotta in Creamy Mango, Choco Mango and Coffee Choco flavors. My favorite is still the Coffee Choco panna cotta, creamy and topped with roasted sesame seeds to complete that Rai Rai Ken experience. 
Very few people appreciate the fact that "freshly-made" ramen spells the difference of Rai Rai Ken compared to other Japanese restaurants. Learning the history and their original recipes made me want to go back for more and share the experience to my family and friends. The Filipino ingenuity in Chef Benjie Garcia with his son, Joey should be recognized. Those aspiring entrepreneurs and starting in the food business should really learn from the hardwork and passion of Rai Rai Ken being one of the few restaurants that serve freshly-made Japan's Famous Ramen.
GREAT NEWS: Their Ramen is at 50% off from Feb.11-28,2011 in the following branches:
1. SM Rosales
2. SM Clark
3. SM Pampanga
4. CB Mall Pampanga
5. Robinson's IloIlo
6. Robinson's Gensan
7. Robinsons' Dumaguete
8. Robinson's Cebu
9. KCC Gensan
10. Gaisano Mall Agus
11. Gaisano Mall Tabunok
12. Ali Mall Cubao
13. Finlandia Makati (Jan.17-Feb.12, 2011)

You can also franchise Rai Rai Ken starting at P1M, view the details at http://www.rairaiken.com.ph

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