Event: Fall Berry Hard with Red Mango's latest flavor

Purple is the color of the Year of the Metal Rabbit and Red turned purple at Red Mango yesterday SM Megamall with their newest flavor- Blueberry Frozen Yogurt.
When was the last time you fell in love? Remember those butterflies you get in your stomach when you're near your crush? Red Mango guaranteed you'll fall berry hard with their newest flavor - Blueberry Frozen Yogurt.
Red Mango is one of my favorite places to enjoy frozen yogurt with their exquisite presentation  (in glass bowls and not plastic or paper cups!) and delicious toppings. It was my first time to attend an event from my favorite froyo place and it was exciting to try their newest flavor for the year 2011.
After long months of searching for what flavor to offer this year, Red Mango's President Ms. Sherika Tamantiong introduced the blueberry frozen yogurt known for being a great source of nutrients and powerful antioxidant properties. Red Mango's all-natural non-fat frozen yogurt and blueberry became a perfect combination to jumpstart the healthy chic lifestyle of Pinoys these days.
For the more adventurous, palate-pleasing combos like Berry Nut Bliss combines Blueberry frozen yogurt with fresh Strawberries and rich premium Cheesecake by Karen's Kitchen topped with Walnuts for that berrylicious experience. They also have White Chocoberry Swirl, a mix of blueberry swirl frozen yogurt, Bananas and Blueberries topped with luscious Crushed White Chocolate (Crushed White Chocolate Topping to be available only for the month of February).
Red Mango's non-fat blueberry frozen yogurt contains no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors and is made with 100% all-natural ingredients including real blueberry fruit. Those combos will not just make your heart melt with joy but will definitely give you that fruity berrylicious experience because you know it's healthy and yummy.
Be berrylicious with this non-fat all-natural ingredients froyo from Red Mango. Start the year light and healthy with froyos sure to give you all the love you need at Red Mango. Available in BlueberryBlueberry Swirl, and catch these berrylicious flavors at your nearest Red Mango store and get ready to fall berry hard.
Try other combos and toppings!
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  1. wala ako masabi, kundi ang sarap naman...

  2. Thanks @Dante Ward..masarap talaga sya..try it at any Red Mango branch!


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