Event: Enjoy great deals with Groupon now in the Philippines!

We all love cheap deals.  Filipinos can now enjoy the ingenious concept called "collective buying" with Groupon Philippines launched today at Robot the Robotayaki Japanese Restaurant, Makati City. With the buzz of Pinoys in social networks about websites offering discounts, it would be interesting to share a common interest to share savings and indulge in lifestyle activities that'll not be too taxing on the daily budget. Other group buying sites in the Philippines may rip you off and end up irritating you with endless processes to seal the deal. Now the Sweetest Deals and top-notch customer service is here with Groupon Philippines.
How it started?
The name came from "group" and "coupon" after that craze in the US about discounts and coupons to save money on shopping. According to Forbes Magazine, Groupon is growing faster than Google, Amazon, EBay and Yahoo! Attracted by this stellar idea, trader Karl Chong, together with his brother Christopher, adapted the idea in Singapore with their own deal‐of‐the‐day website, Beeconomic. Since its conception and launch in May 2010, the brothers have since made millions, sold 16,000 coupons, signed up 100 merchants and has acquired 20,000 subscribers, a far cry from their initial US$50,000 investment. Beeconomic has also been awarded the Site of the Week by Today, a Singaporean online and print newspaper and 8 Days, a Singaporean Magazine. Beeconomic even earned recognition in a keynote speech given by Prime Minister Lee of Singapore, saying that Beeconomic is, “An excellent example of an innovative business model.”
Karl then approached Bliss Spa and then Southeast Asia Head, Lori Villafuerte. She liked the idea so much that the ex‐Beeconomic merchant partnered up with Karl and took Beeconomic to the Philippines, where she became the co‐founder and Queen Bee when it started in November 2010. In that same month, the group‐buying website, Groupon, acquired Beeconomic.
Groupon took Beeconomic under its wing, following plans of expanding in the Asian region. The acquisition of Singapore and the Philippines’ top group‐buying company came after Groupon acquired two other deal‐of the‐day sites: Hong Kong’s uBuyiBuy and Taiwan’s Atlastpost.
Beeconomic Philippines was acquired by Groupon on December 1, 2010, and officially shed their Beeconomic skin and put on the green Groupon suit today, February 9, 2011.
How does it work?
Groupon Philippines, formerly Beeconomic, offers a deal for subscribers to seize, but only if a minimum number of people sign up for the same deal within 24 hours. Subscribers get deals via their e‐mail, Facebook, and Twitter daily feeds. Subscribers who want the offer then pass the deal along to their friends via e‐mail or by broadcasting it on social networks. If the targeted number of people buy the deals before the 24‐hour period expires, everybody who bought the offer get to redeem the deal. Subscribers who get a friend to sign‐up and purchase in the website get P150 worth of credit which they can use to purchase any Groupon Philippine deals.
The catch is that once the targeted number of people buys the deal, you get the coupon and redeem it straight to the establishment without the frills. Anybody will just need a credit card or GCash to buy any deal offered each morning. Everyone is assured that no amount will be taken from the accounts unless the deal was sealed as confirmed. That's quite neat considering most of us loves cheap buys and would want to spend our holidays and indulgences with great discounts. According to the Queen Bee, Ms. Lori Villafuerte, Groupon Philippines will also bee branching out with deals for Cebu, Davao, Camarines Sur, Boracay and more destinations which will spell more discounts on our travels soon.
Now, we can start enjoying great deals from a wide range of merchants: Melo’s, P&P Tattoo, Mile‐Hi Diner, Cocomo Beachwear, Republic, My Personal Farmer and Pole Dancing Academy Philippines, and other deals from the most happening products and services in the islands. Groupon Philippines is also exclusive partners with ABS CBN publications. Global partners include Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Hilton, Starbucks, The Body Shop, The Gap, Fridays, Gold’s Gym and VISA to name a few.
I've signed up to Beeconomic before today and I am so excited with what they'd offer for vacation deals this Summer! 
Today's deal is a 50% off discount at Robot Restaurant where it was launched, a P500 off from a P1000 food and drinks at the Robot the Robotayaki Japanese Restaurant and Lounge at Makati Avenue. Here's what I've had in the buffet served at the Robot's:
Their Chicken Teriyaki was crunchy, sweet and really tasty along with their fish and that soothing Creamy Tomato Soup. I was told by another media friend that this restaurant also serves tapas-like dishes that are really scrumptious and worth celebrating with friends so I can't wait to seal the deal with Groupon Philippines Robot Deal today.
Try signing up and get updates every morning for the daily deal because you don't want to miss out on every deal from Groupon!

Visit www.beeconomic.com.ph to learn how you can score the sweetest deals in bee‐land.