Contest: Design your own Coca-Cola Dream Pack and win an Itouch!

Here's your chance to win an Itouch with Coca-Cola:
Coca-Cola Philippines, with their new Any Concert Anywhere in the World Promo comes another exciting contest to give you the chance to show your best skills in design and win another exciting prize of your dreams with the Coca-Cola Dream Pack Contest.
Do you dream of making up new designs? Improve existing ones?

Here’s how you can do all of that and get the chance to win an iTouch! Just answer the following questions in 150 words or less and submit them to

1.       If you had a dream Coke pack/bottle, what would it look like? How would you make it portable? How many mL/oz.? What would you call it and why? (e.g. in the same way we call the small Coke bottle Coke “Sakto”).

2.       It’s fun to make up nicknames. How would you call a new Coke pack/bottle if it had the following characteristics and why?

“It's a new handy and re-sealable bottle which I can drink to go with my snacks, anytime, anywhere, whenever the need strikes.  It is convenient, instant refreshment whenever, and wherever I go:  be it travel, trip to the mall, gimmick, or just simply when I'm on- the-go. Truly a great companion for my mobile lifestyle.”

You have from February 18 to February 28, 2011 to submit your answers to with the following information:
·         Subject: Coke Dream Pack Contest Entry
·         Your First and Last Name
·         Your Age
·         Your Contact No.
·         Your Email Address

Easy, right? So what are you waiting for? Get those creative juices flowing now!


  1. Thanks ma'am.. just sent my entry today... too much pressure. Hope I could win!!


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