Yummy Cake Invitation from the mystery of Mr. Ang

A new year mystery is on the loose. I just received this cake invitation (Thank you GMCI) to help find PULP-X before he plots his fruit-a-bomb attacks. I've seen so many bloggers posting the same content and was so excited when I received mine today. What a creative and exciting invitation and the cake that came along was really delicious that I licked the package hidden in the middle with a Cherry Mobile P1 phone
The plastic packet indicated a card to call a Mr. Ang of Big Bang Fireworks Inc. and help find PULP X. I couldn't help eating the cake before the opening the box. It tasted like the cake my late father used to bring us during Christmas in the 80's when that bakehouse (which name I can't recall) in Quezon Avenue.  I tried calling the number of Mr. Ang as per instructions written to help find PULP-X but after a number of calls,  the number was to no avail. This is such a very nice mysterious invitation and I was excited and really grateful. I couldn't help thinking how fruit flavors, cakes and the mystery of a PULP-X be with a fireworks company. It remained a cake and fireworks puzzle I am really clueless solving up to now.
Meantime, soft sponge cake with fruity explosion flavored icing just filled my day. Thank you very much GMCI!

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  1. Wow! a mobile phone right at the heart of the cake. Awesome!

  2. I know right? Thanks!@Clarence

  3. wish I could get one of those "loaded" cakes in my mail

  4. Thanks for the comment !Cornelio03!

  5. looks yummy! I want the cake too... calling Brad Geisler ... hehehe

  6. thanks @Anabel for the comment!

  7. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Gesiler Mclang! Tang! Spread the news!!!

  8. Hello,
    Thank you for your great article. Also the pic is very nice.


  9. Hi, Thanks for your comments @Anonymous and @April Bishop!!


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