Review: The New All-Day Breakfast Tapsilog and Bangsilog at Figaro

I crave for Tapsilog for lunch sometimes and it gets frustrating when it isn't available at the restaurant I'm having my favorite coffee. I was happy with the Tuysilog (Tuyo, eggs and fried rice), Longsilog (Longganisa, eggs and fried rice) and Cornsilog (Corned Beef, fried rice and egg) at Figaro although I kept wishing that they offer Tapsilog (Beef, egg and fried rice) and Bangsilog (Bangus, eggs, and fried rice). I must have done something right or the clamor may have really created a loud shout to the Figaro executives that they have answered all my prayers yesterday.
The Silogs have become Altanghap. Silogs or more commonly a slang coined shortened Filipino expression that refers to Fried Rice and Eggs mixes (Sinangag at Itlog) became famous because of the hardworking Filipino in constant search of a complete heavy meal for breakfast. Among the Silogs, the most popular and most favorite is Tapsilog and I was able to try Figaro's version with Beef Tapa Supreme (P150)-thin slices of dried and cured beef meat, fried fresh farm eggs, fried rice and tomato cucumber salsa served with 8oz. of brewed coffee. I've had it at lunch although it is recommended for breakfast and I was surprised to know that I can also have it for dinner. The tapa slices were tender, sweet, salty and savory as I've imagined and the fried fresh farm eggs were perfect with tomato cucumber salsa with fried rice sprinkled with crunchy garlic bits. 
It reminded me of how Tapa was simply prepared by my cousins in Lemery, Batangas and how it tasted really better than those commercially distributed in restaurants. Figaro's Beef Tapa Supreme had tapa slices perfect for your craving, soft unlike those you've tried that would be comparable to rubber,  tender and pure lean meat. I need not go elsewhere now for Tapsilog because Figaro's Beef Tapa Supreme is also served with tomato cucumber salsa and those yummy crunchy fried garlic bits on top of the fried rice. It was a perfect meal to start a stressful working day. 
I needed to have a meal-to-go since I've figured the long list of tasks to accomplish so I had my Bangsilog, Figaro's Marinated Boneless Bangus (P150) wrapped complete with the sweet, spicy and sour dip - Sinamak. The Marinated Boneless Bangus was not too sour nor too salty and the crispiness of the skin with the scales and the head made me eat the whole thing. The fish smell was really not a concern because the tomato cucumber salsa and the Sinamak dip became a combination of gustatory satisfaction with distinct explosion of flavors - sweet, tangy, sour, salty and spicy all at the same time. The brewed coffee served with the meal was perfect to charge your day. 
I'd like to have breakfast or any meal in a place not too noisy, loud or crowded enough to worry about my belongings. I think I'd prefer Figaro's New All-Day Breakfast of Beef Tapa Supreme and Marinated Boneless Bangus for meetings and to chill before a stressful moment or event. These meals would revive me out of thinking about facing my nightmares all over again next week.

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