Review: My KFC Chili Lime Chicken experience with Ayee

Unbelievable to watch a two-year old enjoy the spicy and juicy KFC's Chili Lime Chicken. I had to bring my niece and her child, Ayee with Cho-u at the mall to shop for food for our noche buena and we unanimously decided KFC was the best choice. The mall was filled with so many people doing their holiday rush and it took us a long time to get seats at KFC SM Fairview branch.
We ordered the KFC Chili Lime Chicken (P118) since my niece Ayee being two years old can eat spicy chicken and enjoys all types of food in KFC. Although she calls me Jobelyn, Ayee never failed to mumble thank you with "Tekyu" at every bite of the Chili Lime Chicken. It was spicy yet juicy and a bit sour because of the lime.  Filipinos always eat chicken and never get "umay" (disgusted with taste, a feeling of loss of appetite) regardless of the fact that the white meat compared to all meat is the healthiest meat that exists. We love fried chicken and the new KFC Chili Lime Chicken is just one of the best ways to enjoy it. I was thankful to be with Ayee and mom Kay with Cho-u at KFC. It was a juicy and spicy Chili Lime chicken experience at KFC with family I'd love to enjoy in 2011.

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