Review: My family Christmas celebration at Greenwich Trinoma

Christmas and my family went to Greenwich Trinoma to celebrate the birthday of my nephew, PJ. Last December 28, 2010 when all people flocked the food courts, we thought of visiting our family's favorite pizza chain Greenwich. Located at the 2nd floor, al fresco area, Greenwich seemed hard to find because the trees and the water fountains in the area hid the Greenwich sign but the huge pizza decors on the wall led us to our haven. We had my favorite pizzas, Philly Cheesesteak Overload Pizza and Ultimate Hawaiian Overload Pizza with classic meaty spaghetti
My sister was surprisingly quiet when the classic meaty spaghetti (P49/solo) was served although the two boys, Cho-u and PJ were still playing internet games in the internet hub area. Ayee kept mumbling, "Nanay, are you otey (OKAY)" because we were just too quiet happy eating our spaghetti until the first pizza arrived, my favorite Philly Cheesesteak Overload Pizza (P439/family size). It was juicy, cheesy, meaty and a bit sweet with the fresh green bell peppers and onions on top. 
I wasn't even able to get a second helping of the pizza and a satisfied taste of the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload Pizza (P429/family size) because the boys arrived and hands swarmed the food before I even wanted to get a slice. I had to take my sister's slice to get a bite of the second pizza because they've all eaten everything. 
I've noticed the diners started flocking the place after seeing their new egg-like authentic chairs (which I'd wanted to sit but it was never vacated) and the walls with huge pizza pictures. I would want to celebrate my birthday here this April because it's cozy, spacious and serves my most favorite pizzas and pastas. Greenwich Trinoma also serves the Fantastic G4 pizza (P749)- and 18'inch round pizza with overload choices  and extreme cheese except for 5 cheeses.
It was a scrumptious Christmas food feast at Greenwich and we plan to celebrate our next holidays again in Greenwich Trinoma.

For more information, call 5-55-55 or visit for delivery.

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