Review: Krispy Kreme's Toblerone Doughnut is Triangle!

I looked for the Krispy Kreme's Green Iced Sting Doughnuts today after mass and I was happy to try a doughnut that's shaped triangle - Krispy Kreme's Chocolate Creations - Toblerone
It's triangular but still is a doughnut topped with Toblerone slices and that sugar-glaze frosting. Price was similar to the Green Iced Sting Doughnuts (P365/dozen/assorted), if the Green Iced Sting doughnuts tasted like bubble-gum, this new Chocolate Creations-Toblerone is real Toblerone chocolates. 
Doughnuts and coffee will always be my favorite breakfast everyday and I may be different loving the taste of bubblegum in my doughnut with Krispy Kreme's Green Iced Sting doughnut and Toblerone, Kitkat and Snickers from KK's Chocolate Creations but I guess we are all individuals with distinct preferences. It's like that thought that not all doughnuts are round.

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