Review: Humanessence Spa has excellent skilled masseuse

2003 was the first time I've experienced spa services and Humanessence Spa at West Avenue was the first place that introduced me to pampering myself to rejuvenate from the busy and stressful life being a teacher. I've stopped going last year due to my metal implant surgery and the convenience of spa services in the nearby mall. Last December 28, 2010, when my sister asked which spa would be best to visit near SM North, I thought of no other place than Humanessence Spa
I've always brought significant people in my life in this place to experience the wonderful relaxing experience of being pampered by skilled masseuse. Since my last visit in 2009, the lobby was renovated along with the wet room. Their steam bath changed from wooden chairs to tiles and their lockers have become bigger and more spacious. The rooms were also renovated but the girls who'd greet and attend to customers were still the same. 
The lights were still as dim and the music was still instrumental relaxing jazz. My sister and I headed to the women's area while her hubby proceeded to the men's room. After heading the showers (with dome shower heads), we tried the steam bath but since my sister has asthma, we stayed only for a few minutes. When the service started, my sister kept yapping about her spa experiences and I had to ask her to pipe down so I can completely enjoy my massage. The masseuse started with my legs and my feet with constant stretching. I heard my sister awed many times at her bones screeching every inch of the stretch and she needn't say she was happy with the service.
Our masseuse served us delicious hot cup of coffee after the service and my sister was too happy that she had her nails polished after. She was convinced why many people frequent Humanessence Spa although it wasn't advertised in any media. The service is still best at this place regardless of circumstances.We paid P380/each for an hour Swedish massage with shower and steam (with a hot cup of coffee ending) and we plan to visit again soon with other spa packages they offer like P550 (one hour body massage with foot spa and pedicure), waxing, body wraps and scrubs.

Humanessence Spa
3rd Floor, Pacific Corp.Center, 131, West Avenue. Quezon City (beside Caltex Station)
for reservation and inquiries, please call 375-1824/09192034053/09172424954/09228336713

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