Review: Freshly-made dough at Angels Pizza Pasta Combo and their new Fancy Aloha

Surprising to watch how pizza dough was made fresh at Angels Pizza Pasta Combo. I thought of ordering the new Angel's Fancy Aloha (P515/Big Family) to deviate from the usual Hawaiian Pizzas available in every pizza chain so I went to Angels Pizza Pasta Combo Fairview Branch yesterday.
It's been a while since I've seen pizza dough made fresh and I was happy to watch how it was tossed to the air and kneaded for consistency before putting all the ingredients and toppings. I guess you'd truly appreciate the texture of pizzas you eat when you see them made before you in restaurants. I've seen brick ovens and other styles of baking the pizza dough in many restaurants but kneading and tossing is quite uncommon. 
When the pizza dough was ready, I've seen this Angels Staff put the gravy and scraped the whole area to put all ingredients proportionately. After which toppings were also evenly placed along with generous amount of cheese. From the green bell peppers, pineapple, bacon and mushrooms, he made sure every edge had the same amount before putting it into the oven. After a few minutes, this heavenly Fancy Aloha was ready to eat.
Biting into freshly-made pizza was really a different experience since I'm used to reheating pizzas after ordering online. You'd feel the heat and the aroma of the fresh ingredients on your face and the cheese that'll make you salivate will cap off the desire to devour. And finally, the bite. The crunchiness of the fresh green bell peppers and the fresh pineapple was truly perfect with the saltiness of the bacon and the ham. Sweet and salty with just the right amount of spices. It's more of the cheese most people will compliment in pizzas but sometimes, when consciously concentrating how each ingredient tastes in the mouth, you'd feel the sweetness of the green bell pepper and pineapple explode as you savor the tasty bacon and ham with their freshly-made dough. It was a perfect meal on a stressful Friday. I have forgotten all those drama and those unfriendly remarks from the workplace. I was one with my pizza and the angels of Angels Pizza Pasta Combo just sent me to heaven with their new Fancy Aloha

Great news! Angels Pizza Pasta Combo still holds the BUY 1 TAKE 1 Promo! Simply Buy 1 Big Family Pizza and Get the same (or other flavors) Big Family Pizza for Free! Limited to Pepperoni, Angels' Aloha and Cheesy Burger from 10am to 1pm only.

For more information and updates, add Angels Pizza Pasta Combo in Facebook or call 922-2222 for delivery!

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