My first time eating Mata ng Baka (Cow's Eyes) at Janet's Pares House

A bit gamey but tasty. It was my first time eating cow's eyes and although many have known eating this in Soup No. 5, most preferred the Goto with Mata ng Baka (Congee with Cow's Eyes) to avoid having to indulge in cow's penis cooked together with the eyes, I chose the what my friends did. 
1.11.11 today and I was at the first professional meeting of Quezon City Secondary School Paper Advisers at Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma High School (formerly Payatas High School) with Mr. Arsenio Ramos (SPA of E.Rodriguez Jr. HS) as the lecturer in Feature Writing. Colleagues who attended were delighted with the angelic and powerful voices of JCMPHS talents who rendered intermission numbers and Dr. Nitz Alajar (JCMPHS principal) who treated everyone to a scrumptious lunch of fresh lumpia, chicken cordon bleu, rice, pansit, and cheesy corn cake (cheese maja blanca) from Nitz Fastfood
The meeting presided by our General Education Supervisor in Journalism and Private Schools, Dr. Ligaya Regis acknowleged and recognized all school paper regional qualifiers to the NSPC and although it was not much of my interest, I was happy to hear that LHS Courier (our school paper in Lagro HS) qualified 3rd in Features Page and 9th in Sports Page. The commotion and the buzz got bigger with NCRSSPAA president, Manny Zacarias announcing that T. Valencia Search for Outstanding Campus Journalists set on Feb.2, 2011 in Makati HS will allow two delegates per medium per school.(this means two students for Filipino and two students for English). I thought the resistance to the idea of having more than one delegate really defeats the purpose to acknowledge the name "most outstanding" but I need not speak my thoughts as many had already expressed their disappointment on the matter. The schedule of NSPC in Butuan City slated  April 12-16,2011 also brought more noise of discontent considering those individual participants who are graduating running for honors may have graduated when the contest will be held and points to acquire being a national winner cannot be used for honors' computation because of the said changes in the date. I am in no position to push for change and clamor for more explanation since my student won but did not qualify to top 3 for a national slot, my newspaper did and my principal, Dr. Fernando Javier will definitely attend instead of me in the said event.
Dr. Ligaya Regis also requested the NCRSSPAA president to relay the voice of QCSSPAA to not change the rules of the T.Valencia Search contest and all who kept quiet continued to finish the delicious meal prepared by JCMPHS. Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm and  I was about to leave when Gloria Cruz(SPA of Masambong HS) arrived and requested I tag along with her. Our plight to satisfy my craving for popped rice (ampaw) led us to hitch in RO Printing Press jeep that tagged us both to Novaliches High School and Janet's Pares House as suggested by Gloria. I got curious since it was my first time eating cow's eyes. 
We had siopao bola-bola (P22), Goto with Mata ng Baka (P37/each) and Gulaman (P10). My search for popped rice gave in to Gloria's search for Janet's Pares House Goto with Mata ng Baka. I thought eating cow's eyes would mean eating only those lids of cow's eyes and all those muscles in between, but they've shown me the pupil and the retina although they were already chopped. If you're probably watching Andrew Zimmerman's Bizzare Foods from TLC and really interested with "fear factor" foods, this would really be one interesting feat but those picky would definitely fold. I followed them squeeze calamansi on it and bite. I thought it would be one difficult dining experience but I was surprised to realize I actually enjoyed the taste, the texture and the whole experience. Both Ate Roma (SPA of Novaliches HS) and Gloria (SPA of Masambong HS) continued chatting while I watched and followed how they've eaten the whole meal. The cow's eyes was perfect with the goto (congee) and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to have another culinary adventure in the next few days.

For more information:
Janet's Pares House Lagro, Novaliches Quezon City (in front of the School of St. Anthony)
Blk 91 L10 Ascencion Road, Greater Lagro, Quezon City


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    kaderds naman po un mata ng baka mam...hehe...
    ~patricia tubo~

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    may delivery number po ba sa janet's?

  3. they have changed their delivery but you can go check their facebook page at


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