Movie Review: The Green Hornet is the first exciting film of 2011

I've felt the strong sting from watching the movie, "The Green Hornet" (2011) last night attending the advance screening of SM Cinema in cooperation with Columbia Pictures International, Basketball TV and Solar TV Cinema Premiere at SM Megamall Cinema 1. The movie stars Seth Rogen (Britt Reid), Jay Chou (Kato) and Cameron Diaz (Lenore Case).  The whole movie was surprisingly hilarious and one of those laugh-til-you-fart type of parody that is fun and full of action. It must've been because the television program back in the 60's with Bruce Lee did not have much of what Jay Chou's character had in this movie - effective punch lines.
My uncanny observation was only that face that looked familiar. So that's what happened to Edward Furlong, huh! Well, I used to like his movies when I was young  (Terminator 2, Judgement Day and Pet Sematary 2) and I didn't expect him to play a cute bit role in the movie but at least he was really funny. 
Suspended motion cameras used to show fight scenes would really be best appreciated in 3D and I really enjoyed every choreography especially those that Jay Chou did in the film. The parents need to caution the children watching the fight scenes as it may obviously look more violent in 3D.
This is one exciting movie to watch on the first month of the year and I'd have to say, I'd love to watch it again with my family.
Thank you very much to SM Cinema for the invitation, Sony and the yummy sponsors, Krispy Kreme for the really delicious Green Iced Sting donuts, Yellow Cab Pizzas, Yoshinoya and Fruit Magic.
 The movie is recommended to all ages and opens tomorrow January 19, 2011 at all SM Cinemas nationwide. More chances to win a car at Box Office Wheels Promo because last draw is on January 22, 2011! Avoid the rush and the lines by purchasing and reserving your tickets online at or
Here's how:
How to reserve and purchase tickets at the new SM Cinema website:
1. Use Visa or MasterCard credit card details or register your Globe prepaid and postpaid lines at by simply scrolling the menu of your phone looking for GCashGlobe Services
2. Register at SM Cinema website and reserve tickets. 
3. Click purchase reservation by your choice of payment mode, either by credit card or GCASH.
4. Save the text message confirmation and email with details of your purchase.
5. Go to the cinema lobby to print tickets using your mobile phone text message confirmation containing that bCODE.
6. Enjoy the movie!
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  2. Thanks for the comment @Samantha! Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. I really want to watch this since I am a Jay Chou fanatic!! Can't really believe he is on the big screen of Hollywood!! Woww!!

    Craving for this movie for months now... too bad I have to wait until the DVD is out before I can watch it..

  4. Thanks for the comment @Jaztien! This movie is better on 3D!! Jay Chou's really funny so you shouldn't miss it!


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