Event: Havaianas Always Summer Race to Hawaii Contest launch

Start summer now and win a trip to Hawaii with Havaianas! This news was the highlight of the Havaianas Always Summer event last night at the Manila Polo Club. Simply purchase 2 Havaianas flip flops from your favorite outlets or malls and get the unique code details on the receipt of purchase. Codes must be encoded to the Havaianas Always Summer website (link to be posted here soon) to enter the fun games and surprises. Winners from the regional finals will be sent to Boracay -all expenses paid - to compete in the final leg for the ultimate prize: a trip to Hawaii - the land that inspired Havaianas
The event was hosted by VJ Alvin of Channel V followed by performances by Planet Zip and the Coffee Break Island band setting the beach mood.
I joined the party with Dante, Kat, Arpee, Bambi along with bloggers and media friends. 
We had lots of fun watching the Planet Zip's performance of lights and dances which reminded me of Boracay fire dancers. We didn't try the zipping although the others did but we surely enjoyed the food.
I'd be posting more details of the contest soon so get to your Havaianas outlets and purchase at least two pairs to qualify for the slot. 
Live like it's always summer with Havaianas and experience summer fun and adventure from here to Boracay to Hawaii.

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  1. wow trip to hawaii and boracay. that was definitely awesome for havaianas.

  2. @Red Schubox, thanks for the comment! IKR-i know right? What a great treat from just simply treating yourself to a nice pair of flip flops! More details about this contest to be posted in this blog soon!


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