Review: Pasta in Pizza with Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's PASTA IN A DOUGH

Pasta in the Pizza. Yes, it was a dream come true made by Angels Pizza Pasta Combo with their new product, Pasta in a Dough. In three variants: Classic Spaghetti (P189), Tuna Pesto (P199) and Creamy Bacon (P199), Pasta in a Dough is the reality of pasta made into pizza I've experienced at Angels Pizza Pasta Combo in City Golf Pasig Branch. 
I used to wish for pasta to be a pizza when I was young and I didn't expect it to happen until last week when I've visited Angels Pizza Pasta Combo branch in Pasig to celebrate the winnings of my students in Aboitiz National Environmental Essay Writing Contest. We thought of ordering the three variants thinking we'd finish each of the pizza since the size was just 7.5 inch thick crust. The Classic Spaghetti was sweet and meaty with scrumptious tomato sauce reminiscent of birthdays and occasions in the pizza baked with mozzarella cheese on top. 
Jezia had Classic Spaghetti(P189) and Isabela had Creamy Bacon (P199). Tuna Pesto (P199) was my choice since I loved that spicy tuna with nutty pine nuts in pesto sauce. My two students didn't know how to eat their choices. They were hesitant on slicing their choices after watching me toss my fork in the pizza and eating the pasta meat before the dough. It was fun watching them slice their pizzas slowly so as not to destroy the form of the pasta in the dough. We've tried slices of each and we had varied preferences on which tasted the best among the three. Jezia chose my Tuna Pesto to be the best, Isabela and I agreed Creamy Bacon was the most delicious. After the second slice we had of each variant, we realized we can't finish the rest so we asked the staff to wrap them all to take home. It was a dream come true getting to the national finals of Aboitiz National Environmental Essay Writing Contest and eating the Pasta in the Pizza with Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's Pasta in a Dough

I wonder what magic Angels Pizza Pasta Combo would do next. For now, I'd have more of those Creamy Bacon Pasta in a Dough while watching my favorite program on tv.

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