Review: More than just foot massage at Pedikaki

I seldom have foot massages because I have a metal implant in my left ankle but I needed pampering before the holidays after long hours of walking in the mall. I got curious at the price P320 for foot massage as it is similar with the foot scrub. The receptionist at the entrance told me that I had to wait another thirty minutes but I didn't mind since I just needed to sit down for a while after my shopping binge at Greenhills Shopping Center. 
Pedikaki Foot Reflexology is located at the top floor of the Sekai Building in Ortigas Avenue corner Madison St. in San Juan Metro, Manila. I was surprised being led to the pampering room to wait. The dim lights, the waterfalls with relaxing nature sounds and the comfortable chair showed the signs of heaven that awaits. I was given shorts and some blankets to relax. I dozed off a little when the therapist whispered if I'm ready for the service.
Then she started putting my feet in the foot spa machine. The vibration of the foot spa machine with such relaxing lavender scent gently toned the bottom of the feet. She then applied a foot scrub gently massaging every muscle being careful with my left ankle. After a few minutes of scrubbing and massaging, she wrapped each of my feet with towels and blankets. I was about to sleep when she started massaging my left leg from the tip of my left ankle and left toe to my upper left leg. Very gentle yet very relaxing. I had to tell her to apply a stronger pressure on my right leg since it carried my whole weight the whole time. 
I thought that when she wrapped both of my feet after massaging with oil the therapist would let me relax for a while and the service was finished until she asked me to sit down. She started massaging every bone in my back up to my neck, stretched and massaged every muscle of my arms and hands. My favorite part was when she stretched my arms to opposite sides hearing my bone stretch sounds and my head. It was more than a foot reflexology massage and I was really happy. It totally changed my thoughts about foot massages and I couldn't wait to avail of more of their services. 

For more information:
Pedikaki Foot Reflexology 
3rd floor, Sekai Building
Ortigas Avenue, corner Madison St.
San Juan, Metro Manila

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