Review: Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill serves crispy-pata-like Crispy Buntot ng Tuna!

 Crispy Buntot ng Tuna, seemed like an ordinary grilled tuna but it wasn't. I was invited to a blogger's night at Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill in Sgt. Esguerra, Diliman, Quezon City last night to try the newly-opened Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill chain and I was surprised at the food served compared to popular family grill restaurants in the city. 
Catfish Salad (P200) -  catfish flakes deep-fried and crispy on a bed of green mango salad with onions and vinegar was really unforgettable. The owners said making this appetizer is really a "labor of love" because of the painstaking preparation. The dish was delectably salty, sour and sweet - perfect as an appetizer for the whole family. 
Stuffed Pechay (P160)- is stewed pechay stuffed with minced pork in rich and creamy coconut milk sauce with such surprising "tinapa" after-taste. You'd be happy with the minced pork combined with pechay and coconut milk sauce and will definitely be surprised with the "tinapa"(smoked fish) taste at the end of the bite. It was indeed appetizing and sprung a lot of laughter and jokes with the group. 
Grilled Tuna Belly (P270/small, P360/medium, P450/large) was marinated grilled tuna belly deceiving to be pork though it's tuna. The secret sauce of this dish captivated many celebrities including Sharon Cuneta when Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill was situated in the Hole in the Wall corner of Cuneta Astrodome. 
Coco Prawns (P450) - stewed large prawns with fresh young coconut strips in thick and creamy coconut milk sauce with green chili peppers served in buko shell was also so delicious and really unique of the restaurant. Seldom do I notice prawns cooked in coconut milk sauce that is served on buko shell and with young coconut strips.
Their Bicol Express (P145) was also different as it is not so spicy like those versions of the Bicolanos and the vegetables used are those common in "pinakbet". It was crispy, sweet, salty and creamy in mild chili coconut milk sauce.
Aside from those seafood is the regular grilled, BBQ Pork Spareribs (P220) which would be one of any Filipino's favorite when visiting Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill. The Pork Spareribs will remind you of those beef racks with that fall-off-the-bone meat experience in such glazed sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. 
Lastly, we tried the Chicken Balls which may seem an ordinary chicken ball but the texture and the taste will prove that there are no extenders used and that the balls are purely chicken meat in such mix of ingredients that will eventually be one of your list of favorites in Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill
Some restaurants may seem simple but the great tasting food will make you come back to visit regardless of the location. Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill had gotten that loyal patronage of diners for 17 years and now, the new location in Sgt. Esguerra, Diliman, Quezon City will gain fame in the mouths of foodies nationwide. Their ambiance will  remind you of your family Filipino tradition with home-style decors, tables and chairs and their al-fresco dining area will make you want to make this restaurant - your regular "tambayan". Their free wi-fi service is available to all customers and their al-fresco dining area can accommodate more than 200 persons, perfect for functions, events and celebrations.
Some of us look for cheap finds and convenient locations when searching for party venues and Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill may seem costly considering the prices in the menu but the servings are really huge, I believe an order of one Crispy Buntot ng Tuna at P415/large can serve more than three persons or more especially when more than three dishes are served on the table. This restaurant is more practical and more convenient in location but the food, more than any other things will make your dining experience truly unforgettable. My personal favorite is still that crispy-pata-like Crispy Buntot ng Tuna. I'd definitely recommend this restaurants to those friends of mine eyeing for a place to hold their Christmas parties and celebrations. 
You'd defnitely be proud being Pinoy with Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill as I am. It was really like crispy pata without the guilt.

For more information:
5 Sgt. Esguerra, Diliman, Quezon City
For parties and reservations, call 410-TUNA (410-8862)
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    wow!!! ang sarapppp...nagugutom nako ulet

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    Kay sarap ng pagkain dine! Sari sari ang sarap, sari sari ang saya! oh kay ganda ng j&j family grill

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