Review: Figaro's New Pizzas - Spagnolo Sardine and Margherita Pizzas!

I am not a great fan of sardines but today my taste buds changed. I had a taste of Figaro's Spagnolo Sardine Pizza (P169) - a personalized pizza topped with sardines, green bell peppers, black olives and fresh tomatoes. The pizza cheese and mozzarella cheese made me forget the fact that I was eating sardines. It's a bit spicy but really tasty because of the cheeses and the fresh tomatoes.
Margherita Pizza (P169) is personalized pizza topped with fresh basil, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The fresh basil on top with fresh tomatoes and generous amount of mozzarella cheese was perfect on a 7.5 inch thin crust It reminded me of how my friend Lori used to bring me to pizza house when she visited the Philippines two years ago. It was cheesy and a bit sweet because of the basil.  Kids may enjoy this pizza better than the Spagnolo Sardine Pizza since it's not spicy and not too salty. I washed it down with the new Figaro Frost, White Chocolate Macadamia (P125) an ice-blended white chocolate combined with macadamia nut sweetness flavor with whipped cream.
My dream of white Christmas with the new White Chocolate Macadamia Frost came true. I think Spagnolo Sardine Pizza and Margherita Pizza at Figaro would be a great treat for my sister when she decides to visit me next week. Delicious and totally satisfying meal!

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