Reflections about 2010

A few hours before 2011 and I thought of nothing but food. It may have been a different story because last year was spinach fetuccine carbonara and this year I've made rigatoni. 2010 was the year I've met fellow bloggers and attended events since the years before that were years of full schedule teaching English to French and Koreans online. I thought of the change to allow myself to socialize and most importantly learn through exploring cultures with culinary adventures.
Which among the events of 2010 was the most memorable?
1. Personal - I ended a relationship and I started attending blogging events. This was also the year I was invited to be judge in radio broadcasting in elementary (district, division and regional). Thank you to all who have believed in me. I intend to pay it forward by constantly improving my skills and my optimism.
2. National - First in my list is still the hostage taking in Luneta that killed 8 Hongkong nationals and the new president, Benigno Simeon Aquino III.
2010 was also the year I've realized about the word acceptance. I have learned to accept all the realities around me in the perspective I haven't seen before. All I can muster to reflect is gratitude to God and all people I've been with in 2010. Thank you Dear Lord for all the people I've met regardless if relationships have become indifferent or have prospered. Thank you Lord for my family and real friends, Lori Hampton and Joe Delgado, Arpee and Noreen Lazaro (I'm truly in gratitude for their care and concern always) Simon Arias and to all friends from the media , fellow bloggers, PR agencies and marketing managers who have invited me in their events. I am also thankful to all the experiences Dear Lord I have had with my students. and fellow school paper advisers. Thank you to all the blessings and the surprises every single day of my life. 
For 2011, I pray to have more patience and more love and hope to share. Like what I've learned to chant (which I've learned from my best friend, Lori), I would like to shout out to the world constantly. Lord, May I be an instrument of love and peace, May I be well.


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