Greenwich Christmas Party!

I really love parties and pizza at Greenwich. It was a surprise invitation after my yearning to party at Greenwich last Wednesday with Blog na Pinoy bloggers at Megamall. I was in love with Greenwich's Philly Cheese Steak Pizza and was planning to have it for Noche Buena but the 5 Star Bacon Burger Melt Overload teased my palate after Ryan ( shared his gusto about bacon and how he cooks it at home almost everyday. 
Buffalo Wingman made Michelle and Jayvee crave for java rice while the others complimented the bleu cheese sauce that sparked conversations about all the buffalo wings they've all had in other restaurants. Food is indeed a great topic for conversations. Soon all the other members arrived with more talks about the pizzas at Greenwich. Juned, Russel, Dante, Ryan, Zee, Arpee, Bambi, Karla, Sha, Kat and Joiz shared office christmas party preps and laughs while Michelle and Jayvee offered Buffalo Chicken and Onion Rings Top That Pizza, Buffalo Wingman, American Lunch Time Meals-Thick and Tender Chops and Quarter Slab Ribs.
The gang was so busy with the food until the raffle of gifts were drawn by participants. I was so happy with my Delifrance's Fruit Cake while the others received Delifrance's Red Wine. Bambi got the grand prize of Greenwich's Eraserheads Heads Set which drew more buzz about its popularity yet limited stocks. It was a simple yet really filling party. Because of the popular demand, we've heard that the promo for getting the E-Heads Set is now extended. Also, Greenwich Party Express is now offered to all not only for Christmas but for everyday occasions and gatherings.
Bundle A - 2 Family Rolled Edge Pizza, 3 Half Pan of Lasagna or Meatball Spaghetti, 15 Goya Pretzel Twists, 3 1.5L Coke for P2,350 (Good for 15), Bundle B - 4 Family Rolled Edge Pizza, 3 Full Pan of Lasagna or Meatball Spaghetti, 30 Goya Pretzel Twists and 5 1.5L Coke for P4,648 (Good for 30). Bundle C - 2 Family Rolled-Edge Pizza, 3 Half Pan of Meaty Spaghetti, 15pcs Crunchy Chicken, 15 Goya Pretzel Twists, 3 1.5L Coke for P2,935 (Good for 15), Bundle D - 4 Family Rolled-Edge Pizza, 3 Full Pan of Meaty Spaghetti, 30pcs Crunchy Chicken, 30 Goya Pretzel Twists and 5 1.5L Coke for P5,488 (Good for 30). And for a minimum Party Express booking of P2,500, you will automatically receive a 5% discount, plus you can get exciting premium items upon signing a Party Express Bulk Order Contract. Now those are really great practical and perfect deals for parties.

I'm really convinced to get more of that 5-Star Bacon Burger Melt Overload Pizza for Christmas eve.

For more information, call 5-55-55 or

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