Event: Magnolia Ice Cream introduces 3 Christmas Limited Edition flavors - Vanilla Praline, Caramel Cheesecake and Apple Streudel!

Magnolia Ice Cream isn't Nestle anymore. I had so many unforgettable memories with Magnolia Ice Cream plant in Aurora Blvd., Cubao when I was young. It was the first place I had Magnolia Ice Cream and the first time my late father ever gave us a present. It was the first place we ever celebrated Christmas when I was in elementary. It was the only place we felt Christmas because we never got to any place except the Magnolia Ice Cream House in Aurora Blvd. Now things have changed after 25 years. Magnolia Ice Cream House isn't the Magnolia Ice Cream plant we used to know. Since the 90's era when Magnolia became a part of Nestle, everybody thought Magnolia was Nestle. People get confused but since 2004, Magnolia Ice Cream got their name back from Nestle. Now, Magnolia Ice Cream (since 1925), the first truly Pinoy ice cream well-loved by our elders is back and they are introducing their Christmas Limited Edition Ice Creams, Vanilla Praline, Caramel Cheesecake and Apple Streudel. My deepest gratitude to Magnolia Ice Cream Marketing and Jonel Uy of Nomnom Club for the wonderful ice cream tasting event for mombloggers last Friday at the San Miguel Corp. Offices. It brought back memories and it brought back the Magnolia Ice Cream really distinct from all ice cream brands in the market today.
Introducing the three new Christmas Limited Edition Ice Cream of Magnolia, Vanilla Praline, Caramel Cheesecake and Apple Streudel. In 1.5L In-Mould Labeling with tub wrap from art design contest held for college students, Vanilla Praline is cashew praline with streaks of caramel ripple in Vanilla Ice Cream base retailed at P220.
Magnolia Ice Cream is famous for its vanilla ice cream among all the other existing ice cream brands in the supermarket and what makes them different is that true to its promise streaks of flavors when the tub is opened.
Caramel Cheesecake is another frozen dairy dessert, prepared from the finest quality raw materials with cheesecake bits and streaks of caramel ripple in a Caramel Ice Cream base. Most of the girls may prefer this because of the explosion of cheese and caramel, sweet and salty flavor that'll make you savor that cheesecake goodness in the ice cream.
Apple Streudel contains apple cinnamon bits with crushed chocolate pretzels swirled with a combination of green and red apple ripple, enhanced with creamy vanilla flavor. Most of the mombloggers with me in the event preferred this flavor since very seldom do they see apples as ice cream flavors and the texture of apples and chocolate pretzels excites the palate especially with that creamy vanilla flavor. The apple flavors in green and red were not just colors in the ice creams. 
I started telling my son stories about my Magnolia Ice Cream experiences when I was young while he was eating my ice cream "pasalubong". I told him how it was so easy distinguishing Magnolia Ice Cream from all the other ice cream brands and he definitely agreed that Magnolia Ice Cream is a cut above the rest -creamier and more delicious than the leading brands. I was surprised to hear that he preferred the similar flavor, Vanilla Praline. He said that the Vanilla ice cream base of Magnolia Ice Cream was easy to determine and that like me, he also liked those praline bits. My late father would have chosen the Apple Streudel since he loved fruits in ice cream and my mom and my sister would probably pick the Caramel Cheesecake. As for this week, my son and I will celebrate Christmas with Vanilla Praline flavor of Magnolia Ice Cream's Christmas Limited Edition. I'll definitely enjoy these ice cream flavors with my family while it's here.

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Magnolia Ice Cream Christmas Limited Edition flavors, Vanilla Praline, Caramel Cheesecake and Apple Streudel is available in all groceries and supermarkets nationwide and all Monterey outlets. Or visit http://www.magnoliaicecream.com.ph.

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