Event: Join DLSU's The Green Light Project and send more children to school!

Lasallians would like to continue the One La Salle Scholarship Fund. I have just attended yesterday the launch of The Greenlight Project, a collaboration of DLSU and ten Lasallian photographers for the benefit of the One La Salle Scholarship Fund at Greenbelt 5, Makati. The said project features the famous Niccolo Cosme, proponent of the Project Headshot Clinic for three years now raising awareness about HIV and AIDS through profile pictures and other dignified alumni of La Salle like Louie Aguinaldo, Perry Aragon, Sal Gabaldon Campos, Vic Icasas, Raymund Isaac, Jun Miranda, John Mateo Ong, Ronnie Salvacion and Francis Rivera.
The photographers using their definitive styles, came up with images that resonate the theme, "GREEN" to appear on the covers of a five-series limited edition note card collection. The note cards and enlarged copies of the featured photographs can be purchased via donations to the project. Other items include, limited edition Swatch watches with three "Green" designs especially made for the project with marked numbers as it is limited to only 500. Niccolo Cosme's photographs made into shirts by Mental, can be purchased at all Mental outlets nationwide. 
In line with The Greenlight Project, Niccolo Cosme's series of work called COSME XXX, an artists' revelation of his thoughts and inspirations are printed on shirts with MENTAL. 3 of his artworks appear in this limited edition series. I personally loved the design, "The Immeasurable Pain", his reflection on pain and suffering. This is a depiction of Niccolo's paying homage to all the journalists who died because of violence. Other designs are dubbed, "Brotherhood of Men" and "Amid Chaos which shows brotherhood and the struggle to help mankind. These shirts will be out by 2nd week of December in all Mental stores in Metro Manila and 100 pesos from each purchase will be donated to One La Salle Scholarship Fund. From HIV/AIDS awareness advocacy to sending a child to school, I am so proud to have met a philanthropist so talented like Niccolo Cosme. His designs are so moving and really provocative. 

I am mental over MENTAL and buying COSME XXX's Mental will not just show everyone you're mental but that noble deed sending a child to school through One La Salle Scholarship. More power to you, Niccolo Cosme! Truly adorable and truly mental!

For more information:
Please visit One La Salle Scholarship Fund website here.

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