Review: The Sandwich Guy has fresh and not fried sandwiches

Fresh and healthy.
My love for sandwich brought me, my co-teacher and my students to The Sandwich Guy. I rarely notice the joint in any mall since it looked like any other sandwich restaurants in the city until I found this Crabstick and Mangoes Sandwich (P85). While the students and my co-adviser Ms. Pat Tiongson preferred the best-seller Mushy Bacon (P90)- Bacon, Beef and Mushroom Melt served in grilled wheat bread, I also ordered the Appetite Magazine's recommendation dish, HBLT (P80) which is ham, bacon, lettuce and tomato. 
The Crabstick and Mangoes Sandwich was crabstick and fresh ripe mango slices with lettuce and mayo dressing to complement the sweet and salty taste. Each sandwich was made with fresh ingredients like those crispy romaine lettuce and those fresh ripe mango sliced before the customer to delight the customer and tease the palate. I wanted to choose the Grilled Cheese (P55) with three cheese slices and garlic but I've been having cheese all week in all events I've attended so I thought of the Crabstick and Mangoes Sandwich for a change while my students grappled on their Mushy Bacon Sandwich (P90). I had to bite on one of my students Mushy Bacon to compare with Appetite Magazine's recommendation, HBLT (P80). I thought the kids would really prefer the crunchy and meaty Mushy Bacon as it was  served with freshly-baked wheat bread without tomato and lettuce. Both sandwiches were really good they've finished theirs in a few minutes not letting me have another bite. 
I was so interested with the choices of sandwiches in The Sandwich Guy, Peanut Butter Banana,(55) Veggie Delight for the vegans(P55), English Egg (P65) which is egg salad with special mayonnaise sauce, Italian Style (P75) which is spicy Italian ham, pepperoni and cheese, Country Tuna (P80) -pacific tuna in brine and potatoes in lemon aioli dressing, BBQ Chicken Fillet (P80), Bacon Chicken Combo (P85) -baked chicken and bacon bits, Chicken Marsala (P90) -steamed chicken flakes with eggs and fresh onion, Ultimate Roastbeef (P110) - prime beef tenderloin roasted to perfection, Pollo Rosmarino (P110) - rosemary chicken and the BIG TIME (P130) which is three deli choices and three slices of bread. 
I didn't realize they have the most interesting and truly Pinoy drinks to complement their scrumptious sandwiches - Gulaman! In four flavors, Pandan, Almond, Black Gulaman and Mango Jelly, The Sandwich Guy's gulaman drinks is so cheap at P25 and really delicious I want to go back for more.

I'd definitely get that Big Time next time!
Did you know that whole wheat bread provides your system with fiber and other important nutrients like Vitamin E, selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins? Magnesium is an important mineral that regulates more than 300 enzymes, most importantly those related to the body’s consumption of glucose and secretion of insulin. Whole wheat bread is also low in fat and cholesterol.

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Php. 200 minimum purchase within branch vicinity. Some branches may require higher minimum purchase or delivery charge. Branches are open 24-hours, Monday to Friday.

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  1. i like the crabstick & mango too, but w/o the mayo dressing

  2. yeah, some would really prefer that. Thanks for your comment pink cookies!


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