Review: My Yoshinoya Jumbo Plate (Beef Gyudon and Chicken Teriyaki) Experience

I tried the Yoshinoya Jumbo Plate (Beef Gyudon and Chicken Teriyaki) (P170) today at SM North with my son, Cho-u before going to SM Cinema 9 to watch over my students watching the "C4-II" play by Philippine Stagers Foundation. I was surprised to meet my former student, Angela Priel at the counter when ordering the Jumbo Plate. The store manager, Ms. Des, was so accommodating to suggest other dishes offered at Yoshinoya. I've frequent Yoshinoya in other branches because I've always loved their iced teas, green tea, apple green tea and iced tea served with a slice of orange or apple.
The Jumbo Plate had both with sauteed vegetables in the middle on top of rice. The serving was really huge so I thought of just ordering one plate for me and my son. The combination was really perfect as the vegetables became the catalyst to make you enjoy the sweetness and tenderness of chicken teriyaki and the tasty Beef Gyudon on the other side. While eating, I saw the promo girls of PLDT and was surprised to see Ana Paz, the sister of my former creative writing student, Leana Paz. I've met her in the Mango Tree Bistro event last month and she approached me to ask which food would be best to try since it was her first time at Yoshinoya. I recommended the Jumbo Plate of course as it looked cheaper and more practical than ordering a single bowl of each dish which will only make you taste one instead of three. 
Before we even finished our own Jumbo Plate, she hurried back to say I was right and thanked me for the choice because all her friends (co-models) were enjoying their choices. Cho-u and I was so happy with the meal when we were recommended the dessert choices by another crew roaming around the tables. We took the Strawberry Chocolate Mousse(P30) in a small plastic cup and was asked to get some candy sprinkles to put on top of the mousse.
My son seemed to enjoy eating so I hurried to get a spoon of the Strawberry Chocolate Mousse before it was gone and I was surprised to realized the mousse was more ice-creamy than those strawberry chocolate mousse I've tried in other restaurants. The bed of chocolate pudding was perfect in the scoop of strawberry ice cream with whipped cream on top and supreme candy sprinkles that makes it crunchy, sweet, creamy and icy cold at each bite. It was a perfect ending from a Jumbo Plate filling meal at Yoshinoya. Truly satisfying and surprising experience with Yoshinoya's Jumbo Plate! I think I'd go back for more of that chicken teriyaki and that strawberry chocolate mousse.

For more information:
Yoshinoya Century Pacific Inc.. is the fast food and retail arm of Century Pacific Group, catering to the growing market for food consumed outdoors.
There are presently seven (7) strategically-located Yoshinoya stores: SM Mega Mall, SM North EDSA, Robinson’s Galleria, Greenhills Shopping Complex, Park Square 1, SM Mall of Asia, and Sta. Lucia Mall.

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