Review: I love Figaro's Christmas Treats!

Of all gifts for Christmas, I'd prefer yummy treats. Of course, I need to consider the distinct preferences my family and friends would want to get but for today, I thought of indulging on the gift I'd prefer if anyone would forget - Figaro's Christmas Treats
Raisin Short Bread Cookie (P115) is a delectable combination of butter, raisins and delicious Danish cookies baked to perfection. I dipped it in coffee and I thought of how cold the weather would be while waiting for midnight to come to feast on Noche Buena. This would be a great gift for my sister and my best friends.
Cream Cheese Brownies and Ambrosia Fruit Bar in One! Cream Cheese Brownies (P159), is soft, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownies with swirls of yummy cream cheese toppings. Ambrosia Fruit Bar (P159) is a delicious baked goodie made of assorted glazed fruits and molasses. Ambrosia Fruit Bar reminded me of the most-hated Christmas gift my friend had mentioned - fruit cake because of the fruit glazes. This Ambrosia Fruit Bar is not comparable to fruit cakes because the texture is soft and chewy, sweet and really comforting in the middle of a stressful day. It was also perfect with coffee. The Cream Cheese Brownies was also not like any other brownies I've tasted. Ambrosia Fruit Bar and Cream Cheese Brownies (P159) is the best choice for those who'd prefer variety of baked goodness in a box.
All boxes creatively designed perfect for Christmas presents need no wrapper or separate container for your convenience. All these also comes with a gift tag to write your personalized dedications and greetings.
I got so excited at the Figaro Special Mug (P209). This is a special mug as it shows an embedded design hidden and revealed only when put a hot beverage. Now, I have great ideas for gifts this Christmas. I read also in the leaflet that I can purchase the gift set of the Figaro special mug with my choice of coffee beans: House Reserve (P499),Metro Blend (P425), Country Blend (P425),French Roast (P445),Arabica (P445),Decaf (P549),Barako Blend (P445),Butterscotch (P415),Hazelnut (P415). 

More Christmas delights adventures to come in the next post!

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