The problem with compliance

I was told to do so.
I had plans the other day but the heavens stopped me with more work on my shoulder not really about obligations to prepare for contests and the school paper deadline approaching but more of the usual documentations I have always done for the past years. Same time last year, I was preoccupied with a man who cared less about me and being the submissive person that I am, I have always simply done what I was told to do. And like Elizabeth Gilbert, I have hung on to the relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism. I don't remember when it all started but I did recall Grade III when my teacher had always asked me to write and I simply complied because of her scary face and loud voice. I didn't really think I wanted to write but back then, I simply followed all instructions because my mom told me to do so. I was always called to go to the stage not knowing I joined a contest. To my surprise, I didn't recall being a news editor in high school until my own sophomore student 7 years ago showed me my own yearbook. What I clearly recall was simply being told to write not realizing I was already part of a school paper.

Last night, while doing research for documentation, I reflected on two things I believe existent in all similar workplaces that greatly affects my tasks - the Overbearing Parent and the NegligentParent written by Queena Lee-Chua (who was then the Editor-in-Chief of the UP Collegian when I was in college) at Philippine Daily Inquirer last June 21, 2009:
At the opposite end is the Negligent Parent (NP). This father or mother never attends school activities, sends the yaya to parent-teacher conferences, and places upon the tutor the responsibility (and the blame) for the children’s performance.
The public school had more of a Negligent Parent where no one attends to school activities that most of the time, the student is sent to the guidance office for disciplinary action and yet ignored by both parents. The parents of Lagro High School (those students in the lower section) rarely attended any meeting or school activity until their own children meet an accident and sent to the hospital. The private high school students may have Overbearing Parents and priveleged Negligent Parent but I work in a school where most parents really abandon their children even when they get sick. This reminded me of how pale parents' responses were when asked how they support their children in contests. The power of the parent  (which the parent chooses to pass on to children ) vanishes when the child becomes too confident to defend themselves on the argument of wasting time with computer games. I've seen how great debaters they have molded their children to be unaware they'd blame themselves eventually. They wanted their children to be better than them but they eventually make their children be more like them. History does repeat itself even the unwanted pregnancies they have all drawn themselves into when they were young. 
I admire these deaf dancers simply following counts rehearsed by the teacher not realizing they are dancing to a tune. Innocent, submissive and really impeccable - to most of us, awesome!