Event: Wee Nam Kee: Singapore's Best, Authentic Chicken Rice opens in Manila

Singapore Tourism Board's Best Chicken Rice opens in Manila yesterday at the  Ayala Triangle in Makati Avenue corner Paseo De Roxas Sts in Makati with the media. Since 1989 the legacy of authentic Chicken rice in Singapore streets, Wee Nam Kee had become a household name both locals and travelers who seek flavorful chicken truly exciting for the palate roasted, steamed or soy chicken rice Pinoys can now enjoy.
We were offered the famous and crunchy Cereal prawns(P375), Hainanese Chicken Rice set (P168/single serving set) (with the famous rice steamed with the chicken broth) and the delicious Stir-Fried Baby Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce (P180)(similar to kangkong but more tasty in oyster sauce). 
The aroma of the Cereal Prawns made my stomach grumble but I had to wait for the Chicken Rice to be served so I've asked the owners who conceptualized the creatively-designed interiors providing the hawkre's style streets of Singapore with those antique doors and chicken cages as decors. Mr. Wee (the son of the founder of the restaurant) shared with us the history of how his father started the business and how he constantly explores cultures and food in different countries introducing the Wee Nam Kee Authentic Chicken Rice. 
Listening to a man with so much passion about food made me want to make the restaurant a familiar place to bring my own family. Food is best appreciated with not just the taste but the experience and its lengthy preparation to make it tender and flavorful. Conversations about food and how each dish was prepared after dinner will definitely make you not just remember the dish you've eaten but cherish the learning experience. We had eaten all the dishes in the plate when Mr. Wee explained how the chicken rice was prepared and how they have taken care of the chicken in the hawkre-style of eateries in Singapore. Some foreigners would prefer their chicken hot and smoking on the plate but the Hainanese chicken will always be served cold to protect the texture of the chicken and the cucumber that explodes flavors in the mouth after each bite. Chicken Rice should be eaten fast when served hot on the plate so the flavor will stay fresh.
Barley Iced Tea (P55), distinct of Singapore and most famous beverage recommended with chicken rice was not common to me. Barley Tea is also served in most Korean restaurants because it helps in digestion and it cleanses the body.
Wee Nam Kee had more dishes than just chicken rice, They also have pork, beef and seafood dishes to enjoy. I'm planning to try their Lechon Kawali (roasted pork) and their Mango Sago for dessert on my next visit. 
The Philippines is the first international branch of Wee Nam Kee. Now, Pinoys need not go to Singapore to eat that authentic chicken rice and flavorful dishes from Singapore. Simply visit the Ayala Triangle Branch of Wee Nam Kee in Makati Avernue corner Paseo De Roxas St. in Makati and indulge in that Singapore style dining experience. 

Did you know?
Barley tea is very easy to prepare and offers various health benefits too.  Some people use it for alleviating the symptoms of urinary tract infections. It is also said to have antioxidant properties and so is good for fighting free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of certain diseases, like, cancer. According to some studies, barley tea, especially, roasted version may prove beneficial for fighting oral streptococci. It is also said to be good for the cardiovascular system, as it improves the fluidity of blood. It may also help in reducing blood cholesterol and in fighting cold. However, barley tea is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Even those with gluten intolerance must avoid this beverage as well as other preparations with barley.
To learn more about Wee Nam Kee Philippines, visit their Facebook fan page on www.facebook.com/WNK-PH, or follow them on Twitter @WeeNamKeePH.
Experience the authentic and delicious Chicken Rice that Singapore is best known for, only at Wee Nam Kee!

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