Event: RJ Ledesma's "Is it Hot in Here or Is it me?" Book Launch

Witty and really funny. Anvil Publishing just launched RJ Ledesma's third book, "Is it hot in here or is it me" yesterday at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4 with media and honorable guests. I have always admired his humor and wits in his column at the Philippine Star and in his other books, "I do or I die" and "Lies My Yaya Should've Told Me". I have seen him host events but it was my first time to listen to his personal thoughts and some remarks about his books. 
If " Lies My Yaya Should Have Told Me" was about an Imaginary Guide to Whine and Women and "I Do Or I Die" is about an Imaginary Guide to Getting Married and Other Man-Made Disasters, "Is It Hot in Here Or Is It Me" is about Imaginary Guide to Flirting, Body Language and Pick-Up Artists. His latest compilation of humorous essays from the leading broadsheet newspaper in the country discusses the five universal steps of flirting that women use use to ensnare clueless men, improves literacy standards by schooling men in female body language, and reveals the secrets used by professional pickup artists to make women do things they will regret the following morning. 
 Before he shared a short talk about his book, I had a quick skim at the first chapter and I was already bursting in laughter. Great humor of RJ Ledesma uses simple personal experiences which earned the respect of most of his mentors like Dr. Isagani Cruz and Palanca Award Hall of Famer Mr. Krip Yuson. I have always loved reading humorous essays of RJ and reading his books will definitely alleviate stress from work and entice aspiring writers to be more creative in their imagination.
His rules on flirting and guide about women's body language will definitely convince you women really do make the first move. True love and marriage starts with flirting and reading the body language signals is one important thing men should learn. I loved and laughed at his discussions about not bathing to exude enough "pheromones" to seduce the opposite sex. I really love his books that I began recommending them to all my creative writers.

For more information:
Buy and read all three books, "I Do Or I Die", "Lies My Yaya Should've Told Me" and "Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Me" at all leading bookstores nationwide published by Anvil Publishing Inc.
Read his blog and his column transcripts at www.rjledesma.net

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  1. hey it was nice meeting you there :) I can still remember how you laughed so hard while you listen to RJ

  2. thanks @Roch! RJ is really hilarious and just reading his first chapter made me laugh that hard! Thanks for the comment!Nice meeting you too!


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