Event: Make miracles happen with the Miracle Machine!

Anyone can make miracles happen without spending money for donation. The vast opportunities of the social networking site, Facebook should serve miracles for the needy because some organizations and concerned indigent just need a pitch from someone you and I know. Kraft's Miracle Whip which originated from a miracle during the Great Depression in United States decided to whip up miracles outside of the kitchen with Miracle Machine.
Miracle Machine is a social network application and its objective is quite simple: to get people and their friends and their friends’ friends working together to make miracles happen for the less unfortunate. Think Facebook but instead of status updates and comments, you get opportunities to help.
  How to make miracles happen with Miracle Machine:
1. Like the Miracle Machine in Facebook and go to the Miracle Machine Application Tab.
2. Press Start and Click Pitch on each case of each organization to help make 12 miracles happen for 12 days.
3. Choose action that best suit your preference and an automatic status update will be posted in your Facebook Wall.
4. Share the Miracle Machine to make others become a miracle worker.

For the first phase, the Miracle Machine wishes to whip up 12 miracles in 12 days through Facebook in time for the Christmas season.
Kythe Foundation hopes to help Angelalyn Magalano, a 13-year-old angel who suffers from Nephoric Syndrome and psoriasis by making her wish come true of meeting a pilot and talk about flying.Jamboree Mountaineers hopes to make the indigenous tribes’ Christmas in Wawa, Montalban merrier by trekking there and delivering food for Noche Buena.Childhope Asia hopes to keep street children warm this Yuletide Season by providing them with new underwear and clothes. Kaeskwela hopes to fill the empty libraries of public schools in far-flung areas in the country with educational books.The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) hopes to find abandoned dogs and cats new families to take them in by making them adoption-ready through grooming.Sagip Buhay and Philippine General Hospital hopes to provide medical assistance for those who don’t have the means and access to proper healthcare with new blood pressure devices and Thermoscan thermometers.Firefly Brigade and Tiklop Society hopes to collect 10 bikes and bike safety gear for people in urban communities to help them get from one place to another faster and safer so they can be more productive in their work. Tahanang Walang Hagdan hopes to give back to the 326 volunteers who have selflessly devoted their time to the organization by giving them gifts this Christmas.Resources for the Blind hopes to record an audio storybook for blind children to bring them to the world of wonder and imagination.Museo Pambata hopes to make 2, 000 children happy this Season of Giving by gifting them with pre-loved storybooks and toys.St. Martin de Porres Charity Home hopes to spread holiday cheer with a potluck party for the underprivileged kids under its care.
 Finally, for the 12th miracle, a fully functional miracle conduit will be made available on the 12th day of December to organizations who need it and people with something to give. 
It isn't difficult to look for excess and unused underwear or simple things in our own rooms. Get the pack rat in you and start cleaning up by donating some of those things we keep in our houses that we never really use. Pitch in someone you know who are needed by these children to make their wishes come true. Or, simply participate by joining in the Miracle Machine and be the Miracle Worker this Christmas. After all, the best way to appreciate Christmas is to give back and share your blessings!
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