The students won not me!

I never liked it when teachers and other people congratulate me when my students win in competitions.I never taught them to win, I have always told them to love to write because I do. They competed not me, I curse them all the time, win or lose, it's our term of endearment and many misunderstands. I care less anyways.
I am not good in public speaking although I also love my speaking modulated voice sometimes but I know I'm better as a writer than a speaker. No offense meant but the people who congratulate me are also the same people who despise me and it never felt right if you can imagine what I mean. I chose the public schools and I chose to teach not to acquire that "sense of entitlement" where most of my colleagues feel the need and that desire to be recognized. My trophy is when I see that satisfied look of the student, that hungry tiny body calling me, "Nanay" and making me feel I am really their biological mother. With many parents neglecting attention to their children in public schools, that's what I have acquired from my own mother who used to be a public elementary school teacher in Caloocan. 
Anyways, so much for that drama, congratulations kids! I have so much gratitude to my partner, Ms. Pat Tiongson who have constantly assisted me with the activities of the QC Division Secondary Schools Press Conference and to my constant buddies, Mr. Johnson "Baby Powder" Lacuesta of San Francisco HS, Ms. Anna Marie "annganda" Celeridad and Ms. April of St. Patrick School of Novaliches. Thank you all for helping me make the event possible. 
Thank you Mrs. Mabel San Jose and other teachers of the Lagro HS Sped Deaf students who performed in the doxology and intermission of the awarding ceremonies.Thank you very much to you!
Thank you very much to the keynote speaker, MR. NOLI DE CASTRO OF ABS-CBN and the judges of each category; Mr. Earl Rosero, Newswriting, Mr. Bong Pedralvez, Pagsulat ng Balita, Mr. Francis Ochoa, Sports Writing, Mr. Dennis Eroa, Pagsulat ng Balitang Isports, Ms. Adelle Chua, Pagsulat ng Editoryal, John Nery, Editorial Writing, Wendel Capili, Feature Writing, Schedar Jocson, Pagsulat ng Lathalain, Mr. Antonio Pano, Copyreading and Headline Writing, Mrs. Eden Concepcion, Pagwawasto at Pag-uulo ng Balita, Mr. Jimmy Domingo, Photojournalism (analog and digital), Mr. Rene Aranda, Editorial Cartooning (English and Filipino).
I would also like to thank Mr. Arpee Lazaro of, Michelle Pador and Jennifer Velasco of Greenwich and Ms. Arline Adeva and Ms. Claire Jiao of Jollibee! I hope you continue to support our press conferences and motivate more students to love to write!
1. 4th place - Mark Brian Castillo IV Platinum - Copyreading and Headline Writing
2. 5th place - Dario Vallejo IV SPA - Sports Writing
3. 7th place - Johnwyn Ace Fornal IV Actinium - Sports Writing
4. 3rd place - Isabel Salazar III-Diamond- Feature Writing
5. 2nd place - Ma. Jezia Talavera IV Diamond - Online Writing
FILIPINO (with Ms. Pat Tiongson as the coach/adviser)
1. 1st place - Charmie Galag III-Diamond - Pagsulat ng Balita
2. 2nd place - Joshua Mae Tiongson II-Narra - Digital Photography
3. 7th place - Ace Apolonio -Pagkuha ng Larawan
4. 8th place - Kimberly Afundar IV Platinum - Pagwawasto at Pag-uulo ng Balita
5. 2nd place - one first year kid i forgot the name-Pagsulat ng Lathalain

Congratulations Ms. Pat and Dr. Fernando C. Javier (our principal)!


  1. Hala. Walang "Balitang Pampalakasan". Maybe it's time for the BIG comeback!

  2. thanks Derek..wala hehehe. miss you anak. Hope you continue to you

  3. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Nakanaks! :) Congrats sa mga batang nanalo! And congrats sa'yo 'Nay (wag na umapila..)

  4. Congrats!!! its take a very special teacher to take care of talented and hardworking students. Good Job and Keep it up!!

  5. thanks friendship leirs..magkaibigan nga tayo..pag sayo galing tatanggapin ko un congratulations hehehe


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