Review: Yakiniku Pita Pocket and Banana Chocolate Cake of Cafe City 1888

The comfort is in food.
It was a busy day after a briefing of the Board of Election Tellers at Batasan Hills National High School and I needed a quick lunch before heading to another event yesterday at SM Fairview. I thought of trying the dishes served in Cafe City 1888 in the Annex of SM Fairview. Hot and soft pita pocket bread stuffed with juicy and scrumptious beef yakiniku served with crunchy french fries (P149), Caffe Latte (P85) and Banana Chocolate Cake (P85) was a great lunch served hot and fresh.
I have tried Cafe Latte in different coffee shops and look how well they have presented the coffee with such art! I needed a hot coffee to wake me up as I was going to another place after that tiring briefing of the Comelec for Monday's Barangay/SK elections. 
At moments when life seems difficult, foodies like me turn to comfort food and the calories won't matter if the purpose of the matter is simply appreciation of food. Cafe City 1888's Banana Chocolate Cake erased all those frustrations and stress from the meeting I have gone to previously and it reminded me of how I've always loved putting chocolate spread on bananas at dinner. I remembered how I've create art of spreading the chocolate on my banana and how my mom would scold and granny saying, "Don't play with your food". For a while I thought of my late granny and my mom who I still constantly miss everyday. The moist chocolate cake in the center will make you want to create your own art of doing your own cake at home and the caramel sauce drizzled on top with those fresh sliced riped bananas would not just make your mouth water but your heart melt as it will make you reminisce your past and childhood like I did.

Why should you go to Cafe City 1888?
1. Because it's one coffee shop not loitered with teens and loud brats making so much noises wasting their parents' hard-earned money.
2. Because they don't serve coffee and cakes only. Pasta, Rice Dishes (Rice Meals), Sandwiches, Salads and varied types of desserts and other beverages are also offered.
3. Because it's all affordable contrary to the common reaction of the mall rats who would've had a better choice if they are reading blogs.
4. Because the place is too comfortable and relaxing which is perfect for meetings, friends' gathering, events and other business matters.
5. Because their food is really delicious and worth every peso as service is also excellent especially the staff of Cafe City 1888

I'd definitely visit Cafe City 1888 SM Fairview Branch again to eat my favorite Rice Meal, Lengua with Mushrooms next week with my son.

For more information:
Cafe City 1888 SM Fairview
Upper Ground, SM Fairview Annex beside BDO and Ace Hardware
Open at mall hours 10am-10pm except extended time on holidays and weekends

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  1. Oh it looks great! I've only tried their cold coffees but this picture makes me crave Cafe Latte.

  2. You should try it!!!Thanks for the comment po @pinoylifestyle!


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