Review: I love the girls of Massage King SM Fairview!

Relaxation in a spa should be considering more importantly, the skills of the masseuse more than the ambiance. 
I've been in so many spas all over the city and some located in provinces but I still go back to one place that makes me feel relaxed from head to toe. I always miss the skillful hands of the girls at Massage King SM Fairview that I always compare to other masseuse from other famous spas not located in malls.
After the regular Sunday church mass, I had a chance to visit my own haven for relaxation. Massage King is now located in the 2nd floor of the main building with more amenities and more services to offer.
They now offer a couples' room with a private showers at P1,100 (for two) and the usual common room which is more private than their previous location in the ground floor. They still offer the usual Swedish (P350/hour), Shiatsu(P450/hour), Cellulitic(P650/hour),Firming(P650/hour),Whitening(P700/hour) and Pinoy Hilot (P600/1.5hour). 
I may have been familiar to these girls for being their patron for four straight years but I still believe they have the best skills in doing reflexology massages. I've had experiences in most expensive spas even that spa in an island with the most beautiful ambiance but the masseuse would be too lax and would sometimes text messages in their own mobile phones while doing the service. The girls of Massage King always make me empty my thoughts with every touch in every pressure point in my body and leave me feeling light after. 
These girls are the best keeping me on my toes when my son heeds for a shopping spree in the mall. I was even able to shop for so many necessities and watch the movie, "Wall Street" which stars Michael Douglas. The movie made me realize how important blogging is and how responsible bloggers are in the world. Also, it made me agree on the famous line, "The mother of all evil is speculation." I really attest it is because after all, no truth is ever pretty. 

For more information:
Massage King SM Fairview
located at the 2nd floor of SM Fairview Main Building near the cinemas

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