Review: How will you eat Greenwich's Top That Pizzas?

Eat. Talk. Eat.
A tower of discussions with a tower of toppings to nibble while enjoying Greenwich's Top That Pizzas! In Buffalo Chicken with Onion Rings and Meatballs and Fries variants, Greenwich's Top That Pizzas will surely make the barkada treasure friendship. I've seen kids eat this pizza with some putting the toppings on each slice, some eating the toppings first before the crust and some simply eat the toppings only but the best experience so far is still with friends I've cherished for years grabbing the pizzas in their own manner of eating it.
Greenwich's campaign of Greenwich Barkada truly manifests in how diners eat at each branch including how they launch their pizzas like that of last night's with Michelle Pador, Jayvee, Joseph, Arvin Ello, Arpee Lazaro, Juned Sunido, Azrael Colladilla and family. I always love those "kulitan" moments of Arpee and Juned everytime. 
Fun to eat and talk.
The Crunchy Onion Rings really tasted better dipped in Garlic Ranch dressing sauce (P49/solo and  P89/sharing) if the barkada had eaten all the toppings of the Top That Pizzas. Their Buffalo Wingman (P119/4pcs and P179/6pcs in selected stores only), juicy fried chicken wings with New York style buffalo sauce was not that spicy and best dipped with Blue Cheese Ranch sauce. It was really fun dipping the pizzas and chicken wings in all sauces on the table while chatting with friends.
Moo that spice.
Catching up on each others' activities while indulging on the pizza and chicken had to be washed down with Greenwich's new Moo Shakes! In Strawberry and Chocolate flavors topped with Nestle Crunch bits, the milkshakes were perfect eating the Top That Pizzas and Buffalo Wingman chicken wings!
Greenwich is always a great choice to go when friends and family gather. The food is not just delicious, the service is so homey you'd want to come back for more. I love the "barkada" feeling everytime I'd visit any Greenwich branch and I'd always hunt for more surprises they'd surely offer soon.
Meantime, I'll keep eating those Top That Pizzas while enjoying my favorite horror flick this weekend! I'd experiment on the shape of my own tower of Crunchy Onion Rings before I'd eat my Top That Pizzas!
Share the Top That Pizzas with your "barkada" with Buffalo Wingman and Moo Shakes! Because friendship lasts with people you love loving the same hobby -eating.

For more information:
Greenwich Top That Pizzas, Crunchy Onion Rings, Buffalo Wingman and Moo Shakes are available in all Greenwich branches nationwide. Call 5-55-55 or have them delivered at
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