Review: Eat at La Piadina and watch Eat,Pray,Love movie!

From Italian fast food to Italian casual dining experience is a cross-over that truly signifies the state I was in last Monday after another visit at  La Piadina (La Cucina Regionale Italiana) in Glorietta 4.
I had to come back for the ensalata as I was captivated with the perfect mixture of the vinaigrette sauce of the salad. I was not just happy with the La Panzanella Salad (Tuscan Style mixed green salad with tuna flakes)(P225) because each bite of all the ingredients made me feel truly Italian just like Julia Roberts in the movie, "Eat, Pray, Love". To be consciously making the effort to try to enjoy with all your senses in each bite of the food savoring the taste of what I've taken in my mouth made me feel joy and not just happiness. 
 I was also excited to realize every order of the La Piadina Padana (with sausage, spinach chorizo and gorgonzola cheese)(P200) comes with the soup of the day (which was the most delicious creamy tomato soup I've ever had). I shared it with my girlfriend, Leirs, who chose to try the Pasta Lenguine (P250) with fresh mushrooms in carbonara-type of cream sauce.
It took five scoops of the soup, two fork rolls of the pasta and a whole piece of the La Piadina Padana to blurt my angst on issues about my past relationship that led my friend to eat more and think of dessert. It will take a whole year to complete sharing the story of how I lost myself last year. I kept convincing myself how important it is to simply remain status quo at moments I needed to take action being in tears when I've realized I needed the space. The relentless teasing and bullying on the said issue dead and cremated long time ago was probably the reason why I needed the girlfriend date. 
Then came that yummy and rich chocolate mousse topped with fresh ripe mangoes and cream (P130) and that highly unforgettable Panna Cotta (P120) washed off with bottomless iced tea (P45).
After dinner, my girlfriend and I left to watch "Eat, Pray, Love" movie sponsored by Columbia Pictures and Sky Cable at Glorietta 4 (courtesy of Jane of )

The movie.
 The story from a book when adapted into a movie may change in many aspects but it was astounding to notice minimal commercialism influences and the movie was able to capture the essence of Elizabeth Gilbert's humorous expressions. A part where Liz(Julia Roberts) prayed to God for the first time like it was written in the novel was also remarkably adapted well and I was totally satisfied laughing my heart out at the character. The story felt like it retold mine and I was reflecting at my own dilemmas all over again while watching every scene except that I didn't have to go through divorce. My own quest for passion which I lost at some point in 2004 reminded me of how I behaved, reacted and ignored after watching Liz go through every crying scene. I made the same decision like Liz did except that I did not kept in constant communication with my ex-boyfriend because I moved on faster than she did. I did not dare to love again like Liz did and I did not have to lose all my money to splurge on a vacation searching for enlightenment. 
It was really a movie that made me compare my own struggles seeing the vivid details of how I went through each circumstance and how similar I was with Liz in the movie. The entire movie made me laugh and made me cry in the end. Elizabeth Gilbert made me cry more and convinced me to travel more than the movie. "Eat, Pray, Love" really made me eat more after reading the novel, made me prayed harder for peace and meditation and made me love more my family among others considering the constant warning I'm too kind that people always take advantage of me. I will definitely continue to eat more, pray more and love more after watching the movie.
I love this movie too much I'd watch it again next week. When I become more courageous I'd thought I'd title my own story as "Eat, Eat and Eat more" since everything else won't matter to a foodie like me.

Watch how you'd reflect on your own emotions as a woman with "Eat, Pray, Love" and notice how you'd better appreciate food like Julia Roberts did.

Eat, Pray, Love is now showing in all cinemas nationwide!

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