My own Teachers' Day Celebration

Vanity...always my favorite sin!
It must've been the calm before the storm because I chose to be pampered today after primarily choosing to train QC elementary school children for radio broadcasting instead of attending World Teachers' Day ceremonies at school.
For the fifth time training elementary this year, I have constantly noticed it easier to hone elementary than high school students having less anxieties on their personal and emotional distractions to participate in the contest. More than that, I have met so many interesting kids with such great talents like Justin from International Christian School who swooned everyone's attention with his outstanding skills in writing sports scripts and his attitude exuding in his voice that will make you believe he's more than 7 years old. I can't think of any source of his wits and talent except nutrition since I've met the mother and the school teachers and principal of this wonder boy. I was sold to the fact that he's one great potential if properly guided by the parents and the school administrators. I would even want him to study at the school where I teach but that would be too taxing considering his elementary education came from the priveleged private school. Oh, well, I can only share my hopes and may it pay forward to those with less motivation in their endeavors as students.
After the training, I had to rush to an important meeting and I was convinced to get pampering and relaxation to prepare for the next day's hell work at the 2010 QC Division Secondary Schools Press Conference.

The Spa Experience
Ambiance and relaxing treatment is what best describes my The Spa experience at Eastwood today. It started with an aromatherapy scent with an aruwana fish to greet you before heading the stairs to heaven. I chose not to shoot pictures of the Eastwood branch as it would spoil the excitement if pictures won't be as good as the experience personally visiting this relaxing haven. The receptionist with a smile will guide you of the treatment choices and I chose the Swedish Massage Deluxe (P820) to sample their masseuse techniques. The Female Locker Room leads the door to wooden lockers as the assistant service crew will assist you which places to avail with robes and towels. 
The Wash Room, Sauna, Steam Bath and Massage Rooms
Upon changing clothes to head to the showers, guests were treated with hot and delicious ginger brewed tea before entering the Wash Room. The glass door will let you peak at the cool jacuzzi pools to cool down the temperature of those who wish to sample sauna and steam bath before the massage.I headed straight to the showers with rain dome type of shower heads anyone who'd try will surely appreciate. It made me want to stay longer especially with such ingenious wash gel labeled - hair conditioner, liquid soap and shampoo. After the showers I've chosen to relax and enjoy the sauna. After 15 minutes of heat, the ladies at the pools distracted my attention, so I've given the signal to the receptionist to call the masseuse designated to me.
The Swedish massage was more gentle than what I've experienced in all the other spas I've tried maybe because the masseuse was scared of my metal implant in my left leg. After an hour of pure relaxation, I changed clothes and tried to freshen up. I was surprised to see the selection of toiletries available for guests( alcohol, deodorant, body lotion, hair gel and talc plus that sterilizer that contained hair brushes and to my surprise - Mineral Flowers Body Butter!).  Oh well, I've been to many spas in the city and outside Metro Manila but this experience will make me come back for more because of their wonderful amenities and great service. 
It was definitely one remarkable and memorable relaxing experience and I plan to have more. 

For more information:
The Spa
Branches: Acropolis, Alabang, Greenbelt, The Fort, TriNoma, Eastwood, Rockwell
Call 0918-8-THESPA
Open Monday to Sunday: 1:30 pm - 9:30 pm


  1. Happy Teacher's Day Ate Jo!

    I agree when you said, "it's easier to hone elementary than high school students having less anxieties on their personal and emotional distractions" :)

    More power!

  2. Teacher's day treat for you from The SPA :) sarap Happy teacher's day sa'yo Ma'am Jo.

  3. Thanks Sai and Mee-I, I can only share my hopes. Miss you both! See you soon!


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