Movie Review: The mother of all evil is speculation -Michael Douglas in "Wall Street"

Money never sleeps.
Greed has become legal to those who speculate. It was alarming to watch a movie that pays attention to the power of blogging. "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps". stars Michael Douglas,Shia Labeouf, Susan Sarandon and many more. The movie made me feel speculations and gossip can really rule the world. It may seem a boy-movie but Oliver Stone's style of screenplay and direction is always vulgar and blitzkrieg that very few Filipinos may probably appreciate. I saw less than ten with us in the theater and I wouldn't be surprised as the movie would be more appreciated if the viewer had seen the previous release in 1987. I enjoyed the movie like my son did except for those guys making noises in the premium seats of SM Cinema SM Fairview. At least this time, I wouldn't have to complain about silly guards asking me to be seated up in the balcony area where the screen will look too small it'd make me feel I'm watching at home. 
I enjoyed the movie and I'd not say much as it may spoil those interested to watch it. I just have to say the writer will definitely need to watch movies like this and appreciate Oliver Stone's 2010 style. The movie is rated R for its profanity and violence so you kids should be accompanied by an adult to watch it. 

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps now showing in all cinemas nationwide!!!

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