From BEI to BET: Less pay yet same risks

Old dogs, new tricks.
Public school teachers will never stop serving the elections regardless of the risks, hazards and the less pay this coming Barangay and SK elections set on Monday. Briefing of Barangay Holy Spirit, Batasan and Bagong Silangan and other polling places in District IIB was held today attended by Chairmen of the Board of Election Tellers at Batasan Hills National High School.
I can't help but notice how the designation of roles for teachers had changed from Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) to Board of Election Tellers (BET) when in fact, there is no automation in the Barangay and SK elections set on Monday, October 26, 2010. I saw no logic as well calling us BEI when we are not tasked to inspect but to be deputies of Comelec during elections. Anyways, it was just one of those events public school teachers attend regardless of circumstances like:
1. Most of the time, there isn't any food or transportation allowance given at briefings.
2. To some extent, the rules given in the General Instructions cannot be followed because the location of the polling place is a covered court (like where I've been assigned for 4 years now) leaving you no space to post the PCVL, EDCVL and other materials assigned and worst, no tables and chairs to conduct the voting procedures for the voters.
Still, teachers face every task with a smile unless encountered by an irritant irate voter in polling places. I guess to some of my colleagues, being part of the procedure is one learning experience they are proud to share in history to their own children and grandchildren. 
I remember two years or three years ago being held captive in Dona Juana Elementary School during Barangay Elections together with 9 teachers of Lagro High School because we all boarded a vehicle not given by the Comelec and City Hall unknowingly. The 4 hours of arguing with barangay officials gave so much trauma and fear but some of those who shared the experience held on and still continues to join the preceding elections. Hats off  definitely to all my colleagues who continue to serve despite their own bad experiences because without public school teachers, elections in the Philippines wouldn't be possible.
Thank you to Ms. Grace Catague, Election Officer II of Quezon City Comelec Office, my very handsome principal, Dr. Fernando C. Javier and the other more handsome principal of Batasan Hills National High School, Dr. Gil T. Magbanua for the accommodation and the entertainment. 

I will always serve the elections like my colleagues to help make the Filipino elect better leaders of this country.

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