Event: Join the “Ingat Pilipinas” and prevent road accidents!

50 road accidents occur everyday in the Philippines. 
Biogesic in partnership with PNP-HPG(Highway Patrol Group), MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority), the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and its sub-agencies the Bureau of Working Conditions(BWC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC), from the public sector and SOPI(Saftey Organization of the Philippines) launched "Ingat Pilipinas" campaign to reinforce the values of safety consciousness and effectiveness among Filipinos today at Fiamma Bar, Bel-Air, Makati City.
Hosted by Cherie Mercado of TV5, the event featured video footages of car accident reports and testimonials of public utility vehicles around the city and the reports of Col. Edwin Butacan of the PNP-Highway Patrol Group, Atty. Yves Gonzales of MMDA, Mr. Edwin Parocha of the Safety Organization of the Philippines and the advocacy efforts of Biogesic with Mr. Joey Romana. John Lloyd Cruz, the celebrity endorser of Biogesic also invited all Pinoys to join the campaign through a video footage as he was busy for "Imortal" tapings and previous commitments. 
All organizations aforementioned with Biogesic signed in the pledge wall together with bloggers to show commitment in the campaign along with the awareness campaign to register and join "Ingat Pilipinas" website to help spread this advocacy.
DOTC reported that 80% of the accidents are caused by HUMAN ERROR. Human Error is defined as the imbalance between what the situation requires, what the situation intends and what the person does and it happens on the road when people:
--Do the wrong turn for a given situation(i.e. violating traffic rules)
--Fail to do anything when action is required (i.e.,forgetting to have a spare tire)
--Plan to do the right thing but with the wrong outcome (i.e.,making accidental wrong turn)

 With the realization of how the element of human error played a big role in the day-to-day lives of Filipinos, the public-private coalition Ingat Pilipinas was formed.

In a recent survey conducted tracing human error, 85% of respondents agree that not feeling well or “masama ang pakiramdam” makes driving more challenging. When probed, our kings of the road identified headaches, fever, and body pain as the most common maladies when they experience what they describe as “masama ang pakiramdam

Basta Driver, Safety Lover
Taking inspiration from the popular Biogesic tagline “Ingat,Ingat Pilipinas believes that at the heart of human error is a disregard for safety, which is why raising awareness, ensuring personal commitment, and rolling out programs on safety are integral pillars of the advocacy.  “It’s a fact that 80 percent of accidents are caused by human error, but we shouldn’t forget that this also means that 80% of all accidents could have been, could be, and should be prevented. Kailangan lang talaga ng ibayong pag-iingat,” says Joey Romana of Biogesic.

With this, the first phase of Ingat Pilipinas will be focused on improving road safety in the public transportation sector.

Working specifically with the PNP-Highway Patrol Group, Ingat Pilipinas will be distributing “Ingat Kits” – a packet that contains headache management tips and a safety first-aid kit—to PNP-HPG Patrollers. Meanwhile, together with SOPI, Ingat Pilipinas will be spearheading seminars about workplace safety. In the coming months, more projects will be undertaken by Ingat Pilipinas with coalition members specifically MMDA and DoLE.

Simultaneous with these projects, Ingat Pilipinas will also be rallying more organizations and individuals to join their cause for a safer and more effective Philippines. With this everyone is encouraged to sign up and be counted in the online portal of Ingat Pilipinas, http://www.ingatpilipinas.com.

With all these efforts, the proponents of Ingat Pilipinas are working to gather at least 1,000 public utility drivers and riders to commit to a safer and more effective Philippines during the Ingat Pledge event as a strong show of commitment to a safer and more effective Philippines. 

To find out which companies and individuals have taken the challenge for a safer and more effective Philippines, and if you want to be part of the Biggest Public Pledge event on November 27, Saturday, at SM Mall of Asia, log on to www.ingatpilipinas.com.

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