Event: Goldilocks Pagbabago Blog Contest grand prize winner is KCAT!

She writes with hope regardless of circumstances.
Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza, or KCAT, the bionic optimistic blogger who cannot hear, see well, or walk was awarded the grand prize of an Apple Ipad at the Pagbabago Blog Contest awarding ceremonies yesterday at Goldilocks Shaw Boulevard Branch sponsored by Goldilocks and Nuffnang Philippines, the First Asia Pacific Blog Advertising Company.
She wrote the most eloquent, most creative and most inspiring story in her blog, TACK is KCAT, a bionic optimist blogger with Nuerofibromatosis Type2 (NF2). Her struggles for hope and the changes in her life truly inspired everyone like the other 3 winners of Ipod Shuffle, The Divine Viva, Yoshke and one other blogger who wasn't able to attend the event.

Participants were given this cute DYC(do-it-yourself)cakes and the best design won a prize while others also joined the games of Quizine by the hosts.
 The best part of it all was that Bubble Popz that really pops in your mouth. From the picture I thought it was just flavored gulaman and sago filled with ice and I was wrong. Bubble Popz are in two flavors, Green Tea Popz(P40) and Almond Lychee Popz (P45). It's at the moment you dunk the big straw and sip those bubbles that you'd feel it pop flavors in your mouth perfect with that almond jelly in the bottom. 
I was sucking those almond jelly while the lychee bubble pops in my mouth in the middle of dropping a tear at KCAT's story being told by her mother. It was such an inspiring evening learning more about neurofibromatosis and KCAT's struggles for hope and recovery. I was humbled at realizing there are more people out there whose strength and will to hope is larger than what I've imagined. I was truly inspired and more motivated to pay those optimism forward to all my students and my friends whose petty struggles are incomparable to this young lady. I'd definitely share stories about KCAT and the new feature of Goldilocks, Luxe by Goldilocks, offering modern design cafe and cakes for your convenience. Truly affordable luxury at Luxe!
Congratulations to KCAT Yarza and the other bloggers who won in the event! Have your cakes designed by Luxe of Goldilocks. Because you can afford luxury now with Goldilocks!

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