Event: Bounty Fresh Chicken commits to offer healthy food choices; wins 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year award!

Because Pinoys love chicken, we should choose chicken that's filled with BOUNTY of FRESHness!
Asia's Best and Pinoys' well loved chicken, Bounty Fresh showed commitment to offer healthy food choices by sharing awareness to the Filipino about the health and nutrition in the Philippines in the media event launch held today at Chef's Table, The Fort.
Selected media and friends of Bounty Fresh were treated to an array of delectable chicken dishes; chicken pandan, Cebuano Chili Chicken, buffalo wings and cold cuts/sausages the said bran carries. Celebrity Chef Bruce Lim from The Asian Food Channel demonstrated cooking lemongrass chicken and that Cebuano Chili Chicken dish he made for his wife sampled by attendees.
Asia's Best, Bounty Fresh Chicken had been awarded 2009 Asian Livestock Industry Award and 2010 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award to the President, Tennyson G. Chen recognizing his outstanding leadership, melding innovation and quality to secure Bounty Fresh Food, Inc.’s position as one of the country’s largest and most reputable food producers
Chicken is Healthy.
Calcium, Phosporus, Protein, Selenium and Vitamins B3 and B6 are actually found in chicken. Among all meats available in the market and groceries, chicken has the least cholesterol content at 25%. Fitness gurus and health enthusiasts even endorse chicken to be a very important component of a healthy diet with fiber and vitamins enriched when the meat is fresh. Bounty Fresh sealed with freshness is VACUUM-PACKED keeping all those goodness tucked inside the meat until you're ready to cook them.
I have always chosen Bounty Fresh among all the variety of whole dressed chicken in groceries as I have proven it to be softer and more delicious with real tender meat perfect for tinola and adobo as my grandmother had taught me eons ago.
Chooks-To-Go is now available on delivery at 687-10-10!
Roasted chicken is a staple dinner for a busy parent like me and I have tried every roasted chicken available on the street and those advertised. Always a cab passenger, one taxi driver recommended me to try Chooks-To-Go claiming it is the most delicious and most affordable roasted chicken he had ever eaten. I as totally convinced because I didn't need to worry about spilled sauces as it is already seasoned and flavored alone. Truly "napakapakapakasarap" Chooks-To-Go chicken that I have to regularly drop by the nearest outlet four kilometers away from my own barangay. 
Now, we you and I don't need to look for which place to buy fresh whole dressed chicken as it is available in supermarkets and groceries in a vacuum-packed and we can have it roasted delivered at home at 687-10-10!

Bounty Fresh had made all these convenient for all of us because we do want to have our chicken filled with BOUNTY of FRESHness!

For more information:
Bounty Fresh Chicken
Contact information | Unit 1007 the Taipan Place condominium, F. Ortigas jr. Ave. Ortigas center, Pasig City 1605
Telephone (02) 687-7354

 Available na ang Chooks Delivery sa buong Metro Manila!
Tawag na! 687 – 1010!
PaChooks ka naman!
Meals in Minutes
Buy those flavored ready-to-cook meals in minutes from Bounty Fresh in all your leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide!
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Call 687-10-10 or visit http://bountyfreshchicken.com/ for promos and updates! or visit their Facebook account here.

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