Barangay/SK Elections 2010: The call for Holy Spirit at Barangay Holy Spirit

Praise God for a different story.
I was held for 5 hours in Doña Juana Elementary School 2 or 3 years ago during the Barangay elections and yesterday I was just part of the teachers who waited for 3 hours because Comelec Quezon City took that long to bring us back to the Quezon City Hall to return all the necessary election returns and paraphernalia. 
 I didn't wonder why it had to take too long to fetch us all from the Covered Court of Barangay Holy Spirit because from the getting of paraphernalia at the Quezon City Hall, the public school teachers' noise and chaos lagged the lines that would have been convenient and fast for all but discipline which we all complain of students seemed lacking of teachers.
What's wrong this time? Like the previous elections, many people are not aware of the Comelec rules and codes thinking the ballot box when sealed will still be counted. I had to inform those concerned it will have to take a court order to open a ballot box when sealed and that the most crucial time to watch and monitor is the counting of votes at each precinct. The illiterate and poorly-educated has a lot to learn about the system of elections in this country. Teachers as deputies of Comelec have no other objective but to get the job done being obliged to serve during elections. But some supporters of candidates still believe that there can still be cheating. It was really funny seeing my principal announce to all, "Hello people, I am holding everything that will be counted for Barangay Board of Canvassers, so please do follow me" and the mob ignored. They all concentrated on watching the teachers with ballot boxes. My colleagues, tired and hungry at 9pm cannot be blamed for complaining in loud tones because no one seemed to care. When all else failed to get any attention from the bystanders and the QC DPOS assigned to assist us last night, I had to call on the only Hope and a few minutes later, help came. 
Thank you dear Lord for the guidance and the safety!