Review: Rave at Eivissa Bar!

Great food. Great music and great location!
Some bars would make you want to move out and hop to another place although the ambience looks inviting and the food seemed interesting.
Eivissa Bar in Timog will make you want to stay longer and forget time because of their great mixes of dance music. With the exciting Rev and Rave promo shared by a friend (Thanks Leirs), I had a chance to party at Eivissa Bar in Timog Circle last friday.
Barchow, Food and Drinks.
Exciting how Eivissa is distinct with their wide selection of food choices. One can order a full course meal with their classy variety of main courses. We tried this Spicy Fingers (P260), breaded green peppers stuffed with meaty goodness and generous amount of cheese. My friend, Hazel was trying to unwrap and discover the other ingredients that made it really scrumptious and tasty though I intermittently reminded we visited the place to party and dance til morning.
I've tried other bar's version of Tequila Sunrise (P180) and this bar's concoction was really delicious and girly. The smoothie seemed pleasing to alcohol intolerant like me that I had to order another because it's sweet and fruity.

On the issue of entrance, mechanics and rules of allowing guests to get in, Eivissa follows the regular standard of inspecting bags and requiring identification that no minor younger than 18 years old should be allowed to enter. These group of ladies would make you want to review your own style and fashion as they really made the effort to dress up and style in salons to look good inside the bar.
Of all bars I've visited on Rev and Rave promo, this Kuya seemed to be the most enthusiastic to share excitement on winning a trip to Singapore and getting that instant prize of T-shirt and other Rev and Rave promotional items at every purchase/order of the promoted Rev and Rave drink or barchow.
Interesting party enthusiasts caught my attention, their struts and beauty will make you want to visit the bar again and join in the fun.
I was interested to eat more and study the menu further while my friend, Hazel suggested we stayed longer and it's really the music. The DJs are as passionate as the guests danced to their RnB dance mixes. The music will captivate your consciousness on time.

Eivissa Bar is one great place to party, dine and drink to have fun.

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