News: Figaro goes Thai and Greek with their new set of Ala Carte!

From a great coffee experience, you need not go elsewhere for an authentic culinary experience at Figaro.
Figaro Coffee Company offers you to taste and savor their new set of Ala Carte Menu with Thai-style Green Curry Dory - a Thai-inspired dish of aromatic green curry sauce and fresh peppers drizzled on soft, melt-in-the-mouth fillet of Dory, comes with rice, vegetable salsa and a choice of Iced Tea or Iced Coffee (P199) and Greek Chicken Kebab - a Greek-inspired dish with finely cut chicken marinated with olive oil, select herbs and spices with an aromatic pepper couli sauce for dipping, served with rice, vegetable salsa and a choice of Iced Tea or Iced Coffee (P199).
 Chef Karl Marxist Tan researched and concocted these new menu items for Ala Carte to provide Figaro diners with Greek and Thai culinary experience well loved by Filipinos. Thai-style Green Curry Dory is fish cooked in fragrant green curry famous from Thailand, a recipe renowned to all chefs all over the world. Dory fish recipes popular in Australia and Asia especially that Green Curry Dory dish is a popular choice of overseas Filipino workers abroad. Greek Chicken Kebab, on the other hand, invites you to a culinary experience soon to be familiar to the Filipino palate- Greek style barbecue with that fragrant aromatic pepper couli sauce soon to captivate your senses and palate.

Thai-style Green Curry Dory should be a great choice of young urban professionals in search of Thai dish and green curry.  The fact that most yuppies are busy with work these days deprives them of that opportunity to get the fish oil they need for health and resistance. Dory is one good source of protein, selenium and iodine essential for the body. The Heart Foundation recommends one to two servings of fish per week as part of any balanced diet

 On savoring Figaro's Greek Chicken Kebab, it is a well-known fact that chicken is actually a healthy food with low level of cholesterol as it contains very little fat compared to other types of meat. And the fact that the preparation of the food is grilled and barbecued with no skin and drizzled with nutritious olive oil makes it one of the healthiest diet consumed all over the world.

Get healthy with these new menu of Ala Carte by Figaro! Order your Greek Chicken Kebab and Thai-style Green Curry Dory at all Figaro branches nationwide!
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