Movie Review: Legend of the Guardians, Owls of Ga'hoole is a great family movie!

The greed for attention may blind you to despise even the most important person in your life.
The Story.
The story reminded me of story telling tales from classic children's stories but with owls as characters showing courage and valor. The bravery to withstand natural circumstances and the lines, "when your strength cannot hold your breath any longer, you're halfway there". It is truly perseverance and determination any soldier should imbibe to get to the goal of beating a battle. Good will always definitely triumph over evil.
The Special Effects and Production
The computer graphics imagery(CGI) was perfect and crisp with high-definition details when viewed in IMAX or 3D theatre. What is most commendable about the movie is the detail in animation and modeling of birds that will definitely convince not just the young but the adults to believe the birds are real and truly able to speak human language in this movie.
The Characters
Although my favorite character is Digger(David Wenham) for being the comic relief and Gylfie (Emily Barclay) is the main character, Nyra's voice still proved enchanting (voiced by the most enigmatic actress, Helen Mirren).

It takes courage in all aspects and more importantly- heart to win the battle against evil.

This movie should be a great family bonding for the family on Sundays and is recommended to all ages . Watch the Legend of the Guardians, The Owls of Ga'hoole at your favorite SM IMAX and 3D Theatres nationwide soon!