Experience the authentic cuisine of the four regions of Italy with La Piadina

Travel with your taste buds with authentic cuisine and be one of the Hollywood stars like Sophia Loren, Monica Belucci, Marcello Mastroiani, Paul and Linda McCartney, Mick Jagger, Sean Connery, Michael Douglas, Kevin Costner, the late Prime Minister of Italy Giulio Andretti and Madonna among others, served by Mr. Giorgio Matera at La Piadina (La Cucina Regionale Italiana).

The famous family who brought you the Piadina bread originated from Emilia Romagna in Puglia - one of the four select regions of Italy which is also the famous area the most famous and authentic Risotto and Tartufo and Porcini mushroom Pasta came from was the birthplace of the Mr. Giorgio Matera, the owner of La Piadina and Piadina chains in the Philippines

Mr. Giorgio Matera, Piadina's chef/restaurateur studied Hotel and Management in Castellana, Grotte in the province of Buri, Italy. He worked and served the famous Hollywood celebrities in El Toula-Rome and El Toula-Munich until he was offered to open El Toula chain in Tokyo, Japan where he had the honor of serving the Emperor of Japan himself of Italian fine dining gourmet food.

Piadina at the Food Court of Glorietta IV established a reputation and drew regular patrons to authentic, healthy, fresh and affordable Italian food distinct from other fastfood who serves "reheated" food in the area. Mr. Matera's passion to serve fresh and best quality food inspired him to open La Piadina (La Cucina Regionale Italiano) in the hope of serving highest quality affordable yet healthy in a casual environment.

Selected media and bloggers were invited to sample the cuisine of La Piadina at the 2nd floor of Glorietta IV. The appetizer served was Crostini with Liver and Tuna Pate
Capellaci - Homemade Ravioli pasta with Pumpkin and Ricotta Cheese Filling,
Le Lenguine ai Funghi Con Olio di Tartufo - Long flat pasta with fresh mixed mushroom, light cream and truffle oil.
Risotto al Pesto con Scampi - Italian-style rice cooked in Pesto with fresh Scampi and Parmesan cheese.
Trancio di Tonno alle Spezie - Seared Tuna fillet seasoned with herbs served with baked potato and green salad.
and lastly, classic Tiramisu cake for dessert paired best with Jasmine Green Tea or Capuccino served in the restaurant.

What's most memorable in a dining experience is not just that the food was scrumptious and the the service was great and friendly but the conversations and discussions in every meal. The cultural and dining experience at La Piadina did not just remind me that Filipinos need to be health-conscious and choosy with the choices of food they order in restaurants but that we should all influenced to be passionate about our home-grown Filipino food like Mr. Giorgio Matera. To be passionate about authentic Italian cuisine is one great idea to the desire to be healthy but to be passionate about our own regional cuisine like our famous "sinigang" will help boost the morale of other Filipinos and ripple nationalism to all in the future.

Thank you very much for the remarkable cultural dining experience Mr. and Mrs. Giorgio Matera! I will definitely be back for those salads that is mixed with the perfect combination of sauces. I'd want the passion to spread across forward and I'd definitely be back at La Piadina.

For more information:
2nd Floor of Glorietta 4 across Jolibee
Ayala Center, Makati
Open everyday from 11am to 10pm
For reservations, please call 501-3788

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  1. MJ Cordova4:31 PM

    Hi Ms. Josephine! Thanks very much for this post! :) I love, love fresh Italian food. Now we can enjoy our shared favorite at its freshest! Olive oil is a healthier option, di ba? :) Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Filipinos should realy get into more of Olive Oil-truly a miracle oil even featured in the movie -Lorenzo's Oil , which helped the medical world solve the problem about ATPs...


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