Event: Tang unleashes Pick and Go with Momay (Xyriel Manabat)!

Rip. Pour and Shake with new Tang Pick and Go!
Thousands of kids from Manila, Cebu and Davao helped Momay (Xyriel Manabat) find her missing lunch box. The most-wanted lunchbox finally opened to media and broadcast nationwide containing Tang Pick and Go - the refreshing baon surprise kids will enjoy in school everyday at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia.
Hosted by Dimples Romana and Jayson Gainza of Banana Split, Tang Pick and Go event held contests and games for the kids to enjoy. SM Gift Certificates and Tang Pick and Go gift packs were given to participants of the said event to kids who guessed the content of the missing lunch box of Momay.
Tang Pick and Go in Pineapple, Orange and Mangga flavors is now available in all supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide for kids to enjoy in school. Yes, mommies need not worry and kids will have independence to choose which juice flavor to drink with Tang Pick and Go.
With a sachet brought to school just right for a 330ml lunchbox water tumbler, kids will be given their sense of adventure to choose from any of the variant and new ways to enjoy this well-loved healthy and nutritious drink from Tang.
Get your Tang Pick and Go Baon Pack in pineapple, orange and mangga flavors available nationwide!

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  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    its actually is a good idea how tang made this product its great idea because the kids can get their favorite flavor and pour it themselves :]

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    its great and tasty even for little or big kids. how they come up with this idea and making a popular little girl [ xyriel manabat ] do this commercial :]

  3. thanks for your comments..quite convenient for all kids who didn't have a choice until Tang Pick and Go!!!I love the three flavors!!!


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