Event: E-games launches Dragonica, the hottest causal MMORPG on commercial release!

IP e-Games Ventures, Inc. and Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte.Ltd launched Dragonica, IP e-Games' latest causal MMORPG(massively multiplayer online gaming roleplaying game) yesterday at SM North EDSA.
Hosted by Jason Lowell Thomas, Korean Game Developer from Barunson Interactive, Mr. Stanley Kim. Mr. Louie Lee, Roland Ong, CEO of IAH Games, Heidi Mendita-Garayblas, IP e-Games VP for MMORPG Group joined media and game enthusiasts in the Dragonica Grand Launch party with mall visitors in for freeplay and online tournaments. The event featured Dragonica-inspired offline and online contests, raffle prizes and live band.
The Dragonica Launch with the media was at Persia Grill Skyway SM North EDSA with exciting raffle prizes won by Leirs and Sire.

The Dragonica in my stomach was really satisfied with the delicious food served at Persia Grill Restaurant but anyways,
Dragonica is a 3D, side-scrolling, arcade style MMORPG. It has been awarded numerous times for its unique concept and is being played by millions of players from all over the world!
Unlike other games where one uses a mouse to maneuver through the game, you use a PC keyboard to move around and explore the game. The mouse is only used to click through the game’s interface. Dragonica can also be played using a game pad without any 3rd party program for a console feel.

The commercial version will have the follwoing features:
  • twenty (20) playable character classes
  • exciting instanced dungeons with epic boss monsters
  • easy to enable PvP(player vs player) system which can hold up to 12 participants
  • cute pets which can boost characters' stats
  • fast-paced and action-oriented PvE (player vs environment) and PvP battles
  • Lavalon Map with unique environs and new monsters and mobs to slay
  • Level cap increased to 45
  • new cash items in the Big Wheel
  • Item shop opening
For more information about Dragonica, please visit. http://www.dragonica.com.ph