This should have been about District 2B photojournalism contest day

Aljur Abrenica, Jackie Rice, Rhian Ramos and Mr. Pen Medina deserve the most following they get these days for having an accommodating and friendly attitude they show fans just ditch those who control them at the backstage.
October 20,2010 7:00am, we arrived early at the QC Circle to join the District IIB Photojournalism Contest.
We didn't expect the cast of "Illumina" to be at the same venue where we'll hold the said contest. But that wasn't the story I'd vent out later.
After the warm accommodation of Jackie Rice and Aljur Abrenica, Rhian Ramos without her line director was friendly to take this picture with me when my students and other teachers noticed our fellow campus journalists were seated at the other side of the shrine waiting for the whole organization to start the photoshoot for the contest.
The designated judge/resource speaker, Ms.Milet Alcala came at 8:00am and she delivered a few tips and tricks before disclosing the topic for the photoshoot, "Cycles" for English and "Ako ang Simula" for the Filipino. A few minutes after, the assigned proctor came and I was surprised to be hallered to be proctor for Filipino since the assigned school paper adviser from Mater Carmeli School was absent.
It was probably that love for the telenovelas that my colleagues wanted me and the designated proctor be in the same place together hoping for another drama scene but fortunately they saw and heard nothing about what they expected because he and I remained indifferent and I went on working as a proctor professionally.
The experience at Baguio last week taught me so many lessons and made me feel numb already and I wish they'd all give it all up like I did. Let it go, my friends, like what you've presumed of Kris - it is final.